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Hi readers. Do you want to become a special education teacher in India? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here we will have an in-depth analysis of BA B.Ed. Special Education course.

It is a job oriented teacher training program. If you want to work with children with disabilities, this program will be of help to you.


In this post you’ll find all the important details that you need to know about this program. Here I have covered the following topics – duration, eligibility criteria, colleges, fees, scope, admission process, syllabus, career prospects, salary details etc.


Both students and parents may use this guide to find out all the important details that they need to know about this course.Teacher training aspirants will benefit from this post. You may also check – B.Sc. B.Ed. Special Education course.


Here is a quick overview of the academic program –

Name of the course BA B.Ed. Special Education
Type of course Integrated/Dual Degree
Field Teacher training
Duration 4 years
Eligibility Completed 12th standard with relevant subjects


It is an integrated teacher training program. In other words it is a dual degree program. The academic program consists of two degrees. Those degrees are – BA and B.Ed.


Since it is an undergraduate level course, students who have passed 12th standard are eligible to apply for admission.


What is integrated program all about? What is the course content like? What is it like to pursue this course? Will I get a good job after completing this course? You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Let us start –


BA B.Ed. Special Education: An Introduction

As mentioned before, it is a dual degree program. In other words it is an integrated academic program. Students who have passed 12th standard are eligible to pursue this course.


What is a dual degree program, you may ask. Dual degree programs are also known as integrated programs. These programs combine two academic programs and bundle them up together.


In this case, BA and B.Ed. programs have been bundled together to form a single course. Technically, it is a teacher training course. Like any other teacher training program, this one also focuses on teaching methodology, student psychology, teaching skills, curriculum development etc.


Though it is a teacher training course (technically), it differs from regular teacher training courses in many ways. First of all, this is a special education program. It means that this course is aimed at developing special education teachers.


Special education teachers are capable of training and teaching children with disabilities. In order to perform this challenging task, special education teachers require special skills and knowledge related to disabilities, teaching techniques, assistive devices etc.


The curriculum covers the following main subjects – teaching methodologies, pedagogical skills, teaching skills etc. Areas of disability covered under this program includes – hearing impairment, locomotor disability, visual impairment, low vision, deafblindness, learning disability, multiple disability, autism spectrum disorder etc.


Curriculum may vary from one area of specialization to another. Come, let us take a closer look at the course details. In the next section, you will find the following details – duration, eligibility, colleges, scope, fees, admission, career prospects, syllabus and more. Let us start –


Course details


Type of course

It is a Dual Degree program. In other words, it is an integrated program.



The course is four years long.


Eligibility criteria

Minimum educational qualification required to pursue this course is – completed 12th standard with relevant subjects.



Here are some of the popular colleges offering this course in India –

  • Rehabilitation Council of India


Admission process

Reputed institutes select deserving candidates through selection tests or interviews. Deserving candidates are selected on the basis of their performance in the test or interview. Some colleges are also known to carry out donation based and direct admission process.



Tuition fees depends upon the following factors – type of college (Government or self-financing), scholarship status of the student, rating of the college etc. On an average, tuition fees could be anywhere between 10-60K INR per year.


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Here are some of the popular subjects present in the curriculum –

  • Nature and needs of various disabilities
  • Educational planning
  • Educational management
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Educational psychology
  • Curriculum design
  • Curriculum research
  • Communication skills
  • Assistive devices
  • Teaching skills


PG courses

After completing this course, interested candidates may go for relevant M.Ed. program. They may even go for MBA or PGDM programs after completing this course.


Career prospects

After completing this course, you will be able to find work at – special education schools, colleges and training institutes.

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