Extend BSNL prepaid number validity by sending an SMS

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In a previous post, I described in detail about how BSNL prepaid users may extend their SIM card’s validity by making use of validity extension vouchers. I described in detail about how one may check out one’s profile details and find the recharge amount. Also, I described in detail about how one may get the recharge done online. In this article, I will provide a method using which BSNL prepaid users may extend their validity just by sending an SMS. Read on to know more about this SMS method of extending BSNL prepaid number’s validity.

Extending BSNL prepaid number’s validity via SMS

First of all, one has to find the recharge amount/validity extension voucher amount. Normally, when the validity is about to get expired, BSNL will notify the user through an SMS that contains details about the recharge amount.


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If a user hasn’t got this detail, he/she may send an SMS- “PROFILE” to the number 52244. BSNL will respond with an SMS that contains the profile details of the user and the validity extension amount details. The user will have to note this recharge amount now.


Suppose the recharge amount is 36 Rupees, refill your BSNL number with an amount more than 36 Rupees. For example, recharge it with 50 Rupees, so that there exists an amount greater than 36 Rupees in your account.


If you already have an amount greater than the required recharge amount in your account, then there is no need for this additional recharge.


Next step is to send the BSNL validity extension SMS. The SMS format is as follows-


BSNL validity extension SMS format-

Just send the SMS- “Ext Validity” to the number 51505 (without the quotes). BSNL will respond with an SMS asking you to confirm your request. Upon confirming it, the validity extension amount (36 Rupees in this case) will be deducted from your account balance and your validity period will be extended.


Compared to the online recharge method or retailer recharge method, this one is pretty easy and can be done right from home! Please make use of this method to extend the validity of your BSNL prepaid number.

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