How to extend BSNL prepaid account’s validity (voucher)

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This article will be of use to BSNL customers. In this article, we will check out how to extend BSNL SIM card’s validity. Recently, BSNL has had a change of policies regarding validity terms. As a result, validity of SIM cards (mostly new) gets expired in as little time as 6 months! To avoid expiry, a customer has to recharge his/her number with a special ‘validity extension voucher’! I will describe in simple words how to get this task done. I have also provided screenshots and pictures wherever necessary to make the process of following this guide easy!


Guide: How to extend BSNL SIM card’s validity

First of all, one has to keep an eye on the expiry date that has been assigned to the number. From time to time, BSNL send SMSs containing the expiry date. Also, while checking account balance by dialing the USSD code of *123#, one may get a glimpse of the expiry date.


Let us get started with the guide. First of all, let us see what step 1 is all about-


Step 1

The first and foremost step is to know more details about your BSNL Account profile and plan. This can be done by sending an SMS.


To know your BSNL Account plan and profile details, send the SMS- “PROFILE” to the number- 52244. In a few minutes, you will get an SMS containing Account profile and plan. Go through the SMS and take note of the plan that you have activated on your number.


Now, you may extend the validity by recharging your number for the exact amount described in the plan. Suppose the profile detail SMS shows that your current plan is of 36 Rupees, go to a recharge shop that offers BSNL recharge and refill your number with 36 Rupees. This will get your validity extended!


You may also do the recharge process online. For that, you may check out step number 2.


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Step 2 (for those interested in recharging online)

Go straight to BSNL portal ( You will see the site as follows-

BSNL Portal

Click on the ‘Prepaid Mobile’ tab (the one marked in the above screenshot). Upon clicking it, you will find two options as shown in the screenshot below-

Quick recharge option

Click on ‘Quick recharge’ option (the one marked in the above screenshot). Next, you will be asked to enter your BSNL mobile number and E Mail id to get the recharge process started.

Enter number and E Mail

On entering the right details and clicking the ‘Submit’ button, you will be taken see the following options-


Click on ‘Plan’, the tab that has been marked above. On doing it, you will get the following options-

Validity Extend

Click on first option- ‘Validity Extension’. You will be asked to select your plan voucher, as shown below-

Dropdown list of plans

Select the plan and click submit. Next up, all you got to do is select a payment mode and make the payment online!

Make Payment

So, you have two ways in which you could extend BSNL validity- regular recharge or online recharge. But please recharge with the exact same amount in your current plan.

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