Tips for Gujarat students to select the best Engineering branch

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The admission season is here again! Students who have passed 12th standard are all set to select professional courses now, which will define their careers and lives! I’ll be talking about an aspect that has been confusing students of Gujarat. The 12th science students of Gujarat, who are planning to pursue Engineering is confused. They are confused about the branch they should select and pursue. In this article, which is a quick read, I’ll share some tips to choose the right course.

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Always keep in mind to pursue only that branch which you are passionate about. That’ll make things easier for you. But the problem with most students is that they just don’t have zeroed in on any passion or genuine interest that they are willing to follow. For them, choosing an Engineering branch becomes difficult. It is for those students that I’m writing this article.


Usually, what happens with these students is that they follow the herd and select a random branch. Soon, they realize that the selected branch is not their cup of tea! They often realize when it is too late to change streams. Then, for the rest of their life, they remain frustrated and are never really able to enjoy studies and work.


Here are some quick tips to help you choose a good Engineering branch, in case you are confused about selecting one-


Tips for Gujarat students to select good Engineering branch


#1 Avoid taking a saturated course in an average/bad quality college

Basically, there are three types of colleges- good, average and poor. And then looking job wise, there are broadly two types of courses- excessively saturated ones, less saturated ones.


What is saturated by the way, you might ask! An Engineering branch is said to be saturated when too many graduates pass out each year from that stream and the job field is extremely full, having less room to accommodate the new graduates.


Thus, in case of saturated branches, getting a good job is not that easy. But, in case of a good quality college that you are passing from, you may land a good job after having completed graduation in a saturated branch.


But if it is an average quality or poor quality college that you are going to get admission to, then selecting such saturated courses won’t help!


The solution to this problem is to select relatively less saturated courses like- Core branches of Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechatronics, Petroleum Science etc.


#2 Placement record of the branch in a college should be good

Nowadays, many Engineering Colleges claim high placement ratio. They claim that 80% and 90% of the students are placed each year.


But before taking up a particular branch in a certain college, check if the placement history of that branch has been good over all these years.


Because, it might happen that in a college, the Mechanical Branch might be having good placement record, but the IT branch has no campus selection at all! Yes, it is possible. It is possible when no recruiters turn up to rope in the students!


#3 The engineering branch should have global value

Yes, when you select a particular branch, make sure that job opportunities are ample in that stream, throughout the world. At first, you might think that there are good job prospects in India and opt for the course. But note that the competition is rising each day. The job opportunities are not sufficient, considering the sheer number of graduates passing out from different streams. Also check out – best careers in India.


So, selecting a branch that boasts of global presence in terms of job availability is good! Keep this aspect in mind!

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