BBA: A good course other than Engineering for Maths group students

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The day the admission process for professional course started in Gujarat, my Facebook account was much visited by students! Keeping them in mind, I had put up a link to my Facebook profile on this very blog. Thanks to that act, many students managed to get in touch with me through chat. One of the most common question that I faced during such chat sessions was- ‘Which is the best course other than Engineering which I can do?’ Lots of Mathematics group students posed this question. In reply, I asked them what their area of interest was, did a quick aptitude test and suggested some alternatives to Engineering that suited them. In many cases, the answer was BBA! In this article, I’ll tell some very good reasons why BBA could be the course that you are looking for (other than Engineering).

BBA stands for Bachelor in Business management. I call it the ‘younger brother’ of MBA (Master of Business Administration)! It can be pursued by Mathematics group students after 12th Science! Despite this course being related to the ‘Business’ field and it being not too ‘technical’, Science students can choose this course and may even follow it up with an MBA!

A good alternative to Engineering!

Once BBA is completed, a graduate may also take up a job! But I don’t encourage this. I say that completing MBA will be a better move than that. Especially since MBA is offering a variety of fields to specialize in, a Graduate in BBA has lots of choices to select from! This availability of choices is one of the main advantages that I see!

Now, let me tell you another advantage. As we all know, the common trend in India, when it comes to management courses are that it is Engineering (Technical) graduates who mostly take up Management courses like MBA! Yes, a majority of management course pursuers are Engineering graduates!

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These graduates end up completing such management courses and mostly end up taking management related jobs only. Many of them, by the time they finish the course, forgets the stuff that they learnt in Engineering! So, all this beats the point of them doing Engineering, if a career in management was their first and foremost dream!

But doing BBA helps you avoid such a scenario. It will not only help you get in grips with the management world early on, but will also strengthen your fundamentals!

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