Use Grindr Xtra & Unlimited for Free on Android Mobiles

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Do you want to use the Xtra or Unlimited version of Grindr app? Do you want to try these features for free? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve provided a simple method, which will help you access the premium features of Grindr app for free and coupon codes! Please note that this method will work in case of Android phones only or need a grindr coupon. This method has been tried and tested on an Android smartphone.

Grindr Xtra Unlimited Free

The method provided in this post doesn’t involves any crack or downloading the illegitimate version of the app. The method works on the ‘pending approval’ loophole of the Android Play store. In other words in a coupon code, you must buy the premium version of Grindr coupons app and using the loophole, you may obtain a refund or simply grindr coupon. Meanwhile, you may enjoy the premium features for 3 days. The method can be repeated with a separate email address.

Grindr unlimited free & Grindr discount code

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About Coupon Codes

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Troubles when you use Grindr Xtra hack and grindr coupons

Some problems can occur when you utilize GrindXtra hacks. It’s a hack so the feature may be unavailable maybe you need a coupon codes or multiple grindr codes. What problems can you encounter when utilizing GrindrXtra hacks?

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Follow these steps to use the premium services of the app for free grindr xtra–

  1. Download and activate the app from Google Play Store
  2. Create you account and verify your mobile number
  3. Click on the Xtra tab and purchase the premium service (Xtra or Unlimited)
  4. Pay the required amount through your credit card or other payment method
  5. Premium services will be activated on the app
  6. Meanwhile, on ‘subscription and payments’ tab on Google account, you will be asked to approve the subscription
  7. Don’t approve it and leave it as it is
  8. You may continue to use the premium services on the app though
  9. After about 3 days of failing to approve the purchase, the subscription will be cancelled
  10. The amount will be credited back to your account
  11. In short, for 3 days, you will be able to use the premium services of the app and you’ll get a refund too, making it essentially free
  12. Once the premium features are deactivated, you may use the same method again using another play store account or email id

Though this method is not very convenient, it doesn’t involves installing unauthorized and illegitimate versions of the app. You may safely use the app and its premium services and obtain a refund easily.

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