UPSC registration: Upload scanned photo and signature specimen properly and easily

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This article will be helpful to those guys who are going to appear for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam. Nowadays, the registration process for almost all UPSC exams is done online. The registration process comprises of filling up the basic details of the candidate and uploading a scanned specimen of his/her passport size photograph and signature specimen. In this article, I’ll tell you how to get it done easily.


Many people, in a bid to get the task done, go to cyber café for specially getting their photos scanned and signature specimen scanned. This results in some wasted time and effort. What if I say that this same task can be done at your home much easily, without spending any money at all?


For doing this, all you need to have is a decent quality camera (mobile camera will also do), and a computer. Snapping a picture of the passport photograph will just work fine. All you got to do is edit it and make sure that the dimensions are the same as demanded by UPSC.


Also, while making sure that the dimensions are correct, as specified by the authorities, the image size will also be reduced and will come under the limit set by them! This will happen automatically! The image won’t be too heavy to be accepted! You may also check – List of civil services.


After snapping the picture of your passport size photo, upload it to your computer. Open that image using MS Paint and use the ‘Resize’ function to set its dimensions as suggested by UPSC! That’s it! The task is done, folks.


The same thing applies for signature specimen. Make sure that you prepare the specimen by signing on good white paper, using a good, bold textured pen. And follow the same process that you did in the case of the passport photo. Resize it and get it done.


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In this way, you can very easily get the task of uploading scanned copies of passport size photo and signature specimen easily! This method will come handy when you are submitting the form on last day and don’t have resources to scan and upload the said things.

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