Unseasonal rains across Gujarat and ice pellets rain in Godhra

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar


Weather it seems is going crazy. It just rained ice pellets in Godhra, Gujarat. In the last two days, many regions of Gujarat have experienced light showers, lightening , howling wind and heavy rains. It is April and summer had already started. Temperature was rising with each passing day until the weather god decided to put up a change.

At the start of the week, the temperature decreased at many places. In South Gujarat, clouds began to form, covering the sun up sometimes. This came as a little consolation for people who were facing the wrath of Sun.

Two to three days before, in Saurashtra and Kutch areas of Gujarat, wind began to gain speed and overcast condition was reported. At some places, overcast condition was accompanied by raging thunder too. Much to the relief of the people, it rained in various areas of Saurashtra and Kutch on that day.

In places like Bhachau and Unjha, it rained somewhat heavily. Other places experienced light showers and moderate downpour. All these changes in the weather surprised the people. But it was also a welcome change given the rising temperature over a month.

On Saturday, in the early morning, it rained across various parts of South Gujarat. The conditions remained overcast for some time on the day, but it all cleared out later on. The rain was also accompanied by thunder in some parts. In Navsari, the sudden rain caused a disrupt in power supply. The rain was all over within 20 minutes. In the city of Godhra, people were amazed to find ice pellets falling along with the rain!

The atmosphere it seems has cooled down a bit following the unexpected rains. It should also be noted that many regions of Gujarat, especially the Saurashtra region, are facing water shortage and drought like situation. In Rajkot, the situation is so worse that the authorities have asked colleges in the city to finish up their syllabus and send the students back home. There are thousands of students studying in various colleges in Rajkot, who are from other regions of Gujarat. And sending them on vacations will sure save some amount of water!


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