Top 7 Famous Bridges

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Bridges play important role in transportation. They allow us to pass over water bodies, chasms, railway lines etc. Before the existence of bridges, we used to get over obstacles like water bodies with great difficulty. There are various types of bridges like- Arch bridge, suspension bridge, swing bridge, bascule bridge etc. Construction of bridges made our transportation easier by saving our valuable time.

Let’s check out the top 8 famous bridges:

1 Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs

It is not a very large structure. The Bridge of Sighs was made in 1560. It is located in Venice, Italy. It connects the Doge’s palace with the jail. It is an enclosed bridge. Often, the prisoners who had been sentenced to death had to cross the bridge to reach the jail. The bridge’s name came from the sighs of despair made by such prisoners.

2 Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn bridge is located in New York, USA. It is a suspension bridge, and thus, is very strong. After many obstacles, its construction was completed and opened in 1883. It was the world’s longest bridge until 1903.

3 Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

It is located in London. Its construction was completed in 1894. It is a famous landmark of London. The bridge opens and lifts in the middle so that huge ships can pass underneath it.

4 Pont d’ Avignon

Pont d' Anignon

The bridge is located in France and was built in the 15th century. The bridge was made famous by the French song ‘Sur Le Pont d’ Avignon’.

5 Kintai Bridge

Kintai Bridge

Kintai bridge is located in Iwakuni, Japan. It is a wooden arch bridge. The construction was completed in 1673. It is built across the Nishiki bridge.

6 Iron Bridge

Iron Bridge

It is located in Shropshire, England. It is built across the river Severen and its construction was completed in 1781. It was the first bridge to be made of iron.

7 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour bridge is located in Sydney, Australia. Its construction was completed in 1932. It is used to carry road and rail traffic from the Sydney Harbour to the North Shore.

Source- Wikipedia.


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