Top 10 Major Shipwrecks

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When we talk about shipwrecks, the first thing that comes to our mind is Titanic. It was a major shipwreck in history as the accident killed about 1517 people. Shipwrecks happen due to various reasons. It may happen due to collisions with icebergs, stormy/bad weather, problems with the ship’s machinery, military reasons etc. This list is all about the top 10 shipwrecks. The list is in no particular order.

1 Titanic


When Titanic was made, many called it ‘unsinkable’. It was a giant of a ship and looked set to brave the rough seas. On its maiden voyage, the ship sank after it collided with a big iceberg. The event occurred on 14 April 1912. About 1517 people were killed in the accident.

2 Sultana

Sultana steamboat

Sultana was a steamboat on the Mississippi river in USA. On April 1865, Sultana’s boilers exploded and caused it to sink. The accident resulted in the death of 1547 people.

3 Spanish Armada

Spanish Armada

This is not the cage of a single ship. During the Spanish Armada, more than 60 Spanish ships were wrecked. In 1588, war erupted between Spain and Britain. The British navy set out to destroy the 130 Spanish ships near the British coast. They destroyed more than 60 ships and the event resulted in the death of more than 4,000 soldiers.

4 Princess Alice

Princess Alice

Princess Alice was a steamer that took people on cruise trips. On September 1878, on one such trips, the steamer collided with Bywell casle and sank. 786 people lost their lives in the accident.

5 Dona Paz

Dona Paz

On 20 December 1987, the Dona Paz, a ferry vessel sank near Philippines. Around 3000 people lost their lives.

6 Tek Sing

Tek Sing

It was a Chinese ship. It sank in 1822 and resulted in the death of around 2000 passengers.

7 Kursk


Kursk was a Russian Nuclear submarine. On 12 August, 2000, it sank in the Barents Sea. It had a crew strength of 118 people and all of them died in the accident.

8 Lusitania

Location of wreck

Lusitania was a British liner. On May 1915, it was torpedoed by a German U-boat and it sank. Around 1198 passengers lost their lives.

9 Three ships-St George, Defence and Hero

The three were British warships. They were stranded off the Jutland coast on December 1811. It resulted in the death of more than 2000 people.

10 Wilhelm Gustloff

Wilhelh Gustloff

It was a German ship. On January 1945, Gustloff was carrying refugees and it was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine. It is estimated that around 7000 people lost their lives in the accident.


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