The Making of a Typical Mediocre Engineering College in India

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Hi readers, this is a humor article. Engineering colleges have been sprouting up across India at an alarming rate! So many private colleges have come up across India in the past 10 years!

As a result, the number of engineering graduates produced in India has increased considerably. Sadly, not all private engineering colleges are ‘good’. Most of them are mediocre institutes providing no value to its students!   This article has been written keeping such colleges in mind. Please note that it is a humor article. I’ve added a bit of spice here and there to make it funny!   Here, you will be reading about the ‘making of a typical mediocre engineering institute’! Read the post and tell me if you can relate to it. Tell me whether you spent your engineering education days at one such institute.  

Making of a mediocre engineering institute


Step 1 – Start a trust

A group of businessmen get together and start a charitable trust. It is under this trust that they build the engineering institute! Ironic fact – they start off a money minting business under the name of a trust!  

Step 2 – Acquire land in a remote corner of the state

Land is cheaper at such locations.  

Step 3 – XYZ Institute of Technology! (Naming the institute)

Select a name for the institute and follow it up with ‘Institute of Technology and Research’. For example – XYZ Institute of Technology and Research. I wonder what kind of research they are up to!  

Step 4 – Build enough infrastructure to satisfy the authorities

Classrooms, labs, equipment, hostel buildings etc – make enough of them so that there are no objections from the authorities.   Some institutes have been known to hire lab equipment from other colleges, just to deal with inspection by the authorities!  

Step 5 – Create a kick-ass brochure to lure students and parents

Advertising is the key! Colleges make sure that they have shiny brochures advertising false facts and promises.   Many colleges lie about placements and amenities that they provide. Students and parents fall prey to this gimmick!  

Step 6 – Hire incompetent staff

Have you seen freshly graduated B.E./B.Tech. students teaching engineering students at colleges? It is a regular sight at many mediocre colleges! Freshers are cheap to hire!  

Step 7 – Overcharge for things

Students are forced to buy stationery (files, assignment papers etc) from the college store. And these commonly used items are overpriced!   Okay, humor apart, it is sad to see students running after such low quality engineering institutes for admission! Peer pressure and parents are responsible too, for this trend!   Such colleges actually do more harm than good. They provide no value at all. Students don’t get useful knowledge at such places. All they get in the end is a Degree Certificate, for the sake of it.   Many students remain unemployed and are forced to take up low paying jobs. Some of them go for higher studies, to get over this disappointing phase of life!  

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  See, engineering is not the only professional course available in front of you. There are many other doors open in front of you. Don’t run after a bad college just for the sake of getting an engineering degree! If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it with your friends.

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