TATA Motors Sanand plant strike causing JBM workers trouble

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

The workers’ strike taking place at TATA Motors’ Sanand Plant, Gujarat is gathering more attention these days. Sanand plant is where the Nano cars are being manufactured. Not only has this workers’ strike been a cause of headache for TATA Motors, it also has been negatively affecting surrounding Industrial plants also, supplying material and automotive parts to the TATA Motors plant. One such badly affected company is JBM Auto.

The strike started due to the suspension of workers by TATA Motors. This led to incidence of destruction of property in the plant and resulted in more suspensions of workers involved in the act of violence. The whole thing has blown out of proportion now. More than 400 workers are now part of the strike.


JBM Auto is a company that manufactures car parts. They have been steadily supplying parts to the TATA Motors’ plant in Sanand. Due to the strike, production has stalled at the TATA plant. This has forced JBM to stall their production also.


Some contract workers at JBM plant have been asked to report to duty only after the current crisis has been solved! For such contract workers, the salary provided is low. And to make things worse, the ongoing strike has cast a shadow on their future at JBM!

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