Swine Flu prevention: Easy Ayurvedic home remedies

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Swine Flu is spreading like wild fire throughout many states in India! It is an alarming situation. Death toll is rising each day, thanks to the fast spreading of the H1N1 virus and the inability of the Health Ministry to tackle this situation. The Health Authorities are simply not prepared enough to contain the spreading of this disease. Just take a look at the state of Gujarat. The first cases were reported in Ahmedabad City. But the authorities failed to contain it then and there. The disease has since spread from there and reached cities like Vadodara, Surat etc in no time! The situation is only going to get worse from here onwards! That’s why I decided to post this article, which is related to ways in which one can evade swine flu. These methods make use of principles of Ayurveda. The remedies mentioned here are easy to implement. All the ingredients mentioned are easily available at home, in most of the cases.


Ayurvedic home remedies to prevent contracting Swine Flu

They say prevention is better that cure. Quite true, to be honest! These methods will help you boost immunity and thus help evade the disease!


Remedy #1


Ingredients: Elaichi- about 10 pieces, Clove (about 10 pieces), Tulsi leaves (about 10), a piece of Ginger, one table spoon of haldi (turmeric) powder.

Preparation: Mix all the above mentioned ingredients and smash them up, thus making a well ground mixture. Add four cups of water to this mixture and boil it. Boil it in such a way that the 4 cups of water gets reduced to 1 cup.

After boiling, let the fluid cool down and store it in a cool dark place.

Usage: Drink this medicine each morning, before eating breakfast. Consume it at such a time when the stomach is empty.

This drink will boost immunity. Especially for commuters like office goers and students, this is a good way to boost immunity.


Remedy #2


This method should be used at places like Schools, public places, offices etc. Swine Flu spreads through air. This is what makes the disease very lethal. It spreads very fast.

So, keeping air pure and disinfecting it is a good way to stop the disease from spreading. This method will help one achieve this feat!

Ingredients: Kapoor (Camphor) and Elaichi (around 10 pieces).

Method: Take the above mentioned ingredients and mix them up. Each morning, burn the above mentioned mixture and let it spread in the air, disinfecting air to a certain limit. Also, one may tiep up this mixture in piece of cloth and place it at different places throughout the room.

These are two easy methods to stop swine flu from spreading. Stop it from spreading and you naturally reduce the chances of getting infected! Despite the above mentioned efforts, if you still get fever/flu or symptoms of it, please seek medical assistance! If you liked the article, share it with your friends!

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