To crack SSB Interview, you need Confidence and Intelligence

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Indian Defence aspirants know the importance of SSB Interview. More than its importance, aspirants also know about how tricky SSB Interviews can get! But what if I say that SSB Interview can be cracked, if you have two important qualities? Yes, it is very much possible and those two qualities are- Confidence and Intelligence.

On analyzing the format and layout of SSB Interview, we can easily find out that the test has been designed to filter out mediocre candidates and find out the ‘real Armed Forces stuff’! The initial screening test acts like the prime filter. The tests that follow gauge the Aptitude, Officer Like qualities (leadership, teamwork traits etc), Communication skills, Intelligence and Confidence of the candidate. Ultimately, the candidates who muster satisfactory scores in all the above mentioned departments gets recommended!


How come just confidence and intelligence be of help in cracking SSB Interview, you may ask. Confidence helps create an impression on the SSB Officers. During group tasks, command task etc, radiating confidence while giving orders and suggestions creates a good impression on the Instructing Officer. Positive remarks about you will surely enter his notebook! Similarly, during Personal Interview, being confident will create a good impression on the Interviewing Officer.


What is the best way to build confidence? To an extent, it is in our nature! Another good way to develop it is by knowing the SSB Interview inside out- knowing each and every phase and step of the Interview and getting prepared for it.


I’m very confident, when it comes to playing football! I’m confident because I’ve practiced it a lot. I’ve played for my University a lot and know my role and task very well. You see, if you practice and prepare for something in a dedicated and consistent fashion, you’ll become good at it and will become confident while doing that task.


The same principle can be applied in case of SSB Interview. The more time you spend knowing about SSB Interview and its various stages, the more time you spend preparing for each stage of it, the more your confidence will grow!


The confidence that you cultivate this way will come handy during the actual SSB Interview. The confidence will reflect in the way you tackle tests like- Group Test, Command task, Interview etc.


Next comes Intelligence. The tests also gauge how intelligent a candidate is. Intelligence and traits revolving around it, such as- quick thinking, logical reasoning and analytical ability will help you perform well in tasks like Group task, command task and personal interview.


A combination of confidence and intelligence can work wonders! For example, quick thinking will help you find solutions to the problem during command task. Confidence will help you guide your helpers well, to perform the steps that you want them to do!


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During Personal Interview too, things can get tricky. The Interviewer may throw rapid fire questions. Quick thinking can help you negotiate this situation. Interviewer may ask situation based questions. Logical reasoning skills can help you fare well in such a situation! Puzzle and mathematics based questions can be dealt with using analytical ability and quick thinking!

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