Some important UN (United Nations) Organizations

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The UN (United Nations was established on 24th October, 1945. The international organization of UN was established after the World War 2 for maintaining peace and friendly results among the nations of the world. The United Nations has different Organizations that work to improve key areas of economy, natural resources, living standards of the people, international law and order etc. This article is all about some key UN organizations.


The United Nations Children’s Fund, it works to improve the social and economic conditions of children around the world.


United Nations Development Programme- its functions includes poverty reduction, crisis prevention and management etc.


World Health Organization- its functions includes providing essential drugs and treatment to nations of the world, conduct programmes to solve and eradicate health problems etc.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization- its functions includes providing education for all, cultural development etc.


Food and Agricultural Organization- works to improve the agricultural production and food security around the globe, develops new agricultural technology etc.


International Monetary Fund- solves financial issues, promotes global financial cooperation etc.

World Bank

Main aim is to provide financial assistance to poor and developing countries.


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