Error 508 (Resource limit reached) and its simple solutions

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Previously, I wrote a blog post about CloudFlare CDN and the Error 522 associated with it. I explained the causes and solutions to that problem. Many folks have been benefited by that post and many more are making use of that article each day. I happened to notice that some people, after having gone through that post, have posed questions related to Error response code 508. They had been approaching me on Facebook and emails and asking for more information regarding error 508. So, keeping them and more such readers in mind, I’ve decided to come up with a blog post related to it.

Error Message
Find out reasons responsible for Error 508

What is error 508?

In case of a blog, when a visitor is trying to access it, many processes are being done on the host server. It is the result of these processes that the blog is rendered on the screens of the visitors.

Sometimes, they are shown error code 508. Error 508 is displayed when resource limit is reached on the host server.

This happens due to the blog hitting entry processes limit. Entry processes limit restricts the number of concurrent connections to dynamic (php & cgi) scripts for the blog.

This commonly happens in case of shared hosting. Usually, most host providers assign and allocate certain resources to each domain hosted on a shared server. This is done to ensure that the server functions properly and no single domain is able to hog all the limelight and attention.

So, if you are a webmaster, and your domain name has reached the resource limit, then any visitor trying to visit your blog will get error 508 displayed. This is how the process takes place.


The causes-

So, how can resources allocated to your domain dry up all of a sudden? How could this happen so quickly, you might ask.

It could be anything. In case of WordPress blogs, bad plugins, improperly coded scripts, themes etc could be the reason.


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The Solutions-

If such a problem occurs, do contact your host provider immediately and report it. Ask them to check the logs and find out the what is causing the error.

Using their data, they can tell whether it is plugins, themes or what exactly is responsible for the resource outage. Based on their suggestions, you may turn off the responsible plugins, change theme, remove bad scripts etc.

In some cases, it is the host provider who turns out to be the culprit. Poorly configured servers and bad neighborhoods on a shared server can often result in error 508 issues.

Make it a point to purchase hosting packages from good and quality host providers only. This will ensure that such issues don’t pop its head every now and then!

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