5 Simple Tips to Select the Best School for Your Child

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Hi readers! In this post, I’ve shared some tips and tricks, which will help you choose the best school for your child! As we all know, education plays an important role in our life. And schooling phase forms an integral part of Indian education system. After reading this post, you will be able to assess a school and find out whether it is ideal for your child or not.

School Selection Tips

Before heading to the meat of the matter – tips to identify and select the right school – let us take a closer look at the importance of school life. Here is everything you need to know about this topic –


Schooling: Importance of this phase in one’s life

As I mentioned before, education plays an important role in our life. A school is the first and one of the most important place where one’s formal education process starts!


From grade one to twelve, a student will acquire subject specific knowledge. His/her level of knowledge will increase with each passing academic year.


In short, a student will learn new things in his/her school life. Academic development – it is one of the main purpose of schooling.


Apart from academic development, a school also develops its students’ character and personality. In other words, a school plays an important role in shaping the lives of cultured and civilized citizens of the future!


The dilemma

Ever since starting this blog, I’ve been getting questions from both students and parents. Normally, students ask me questions about professional courses, career guidance, college selection etc.


Anxious parents often ask the following questions – ‘X or Y – which is the best school?’, ‘A or B – which one should my child select?’. I thoroughly understand what their problem is. All they want to do is – select the best option for their child. Well, that’s what parents do, right – providing their children with the best of resources!


As of now, parents have too many options to choose from. In the recent past, too many new schools have popped up across India. This has made school-selection tougher for parents!


The tips provided in this post will help you eliminate the confusion. Without all the noise, you will be able to make an informed and better choice (school selection). Let us check out the tips now –


Tips to select the best school for your child

Here are some handy tips and tricks, which will help you choose the best school –


1 Decide which board (of education) your child prefers/will benefit him/her

CBSE, State boards, ICSE – Indian education system offers different education boards for schooling phase. Based on the board of education, one may narrow down the list of preferable schools!


2 Visit the school (if possible)

If possible, find time to visit the school. You may visit the place with your child. While visiting it, you may inspect aspects such as –


Infrastructure: Check whether the school has adequate infrastructure. A good school must have well furnished and ventilated classrooms, toilets, halls, auditorium, playground etc.


Amenities: A good school must have a well equipped sports room, library, canteen, arrangement for potable drinking water and other amenities.


Extra-curricular activities: These activities play an important role in a student’s life. Sports, cultural and social events conducted at schools shape a student’s character and personality. Check whether the school conducts such activities (like cultural week, sports day and other competitions) at regular intervals.


Teachers: The main purpose of a school is to ensure its students’ academic development. Teachers of a school play the most important role, when it comes to academic development of students. Make sure that the teachers are skilled, qualified and passionate about teaching.


3 Location and fees

One may even consider these factors while selecting a school. If a good school is available near your place of residence, it makes sense to select it for your child. You may also check – Physics and chemistry preparation tips for school students.


4 Reviews and recommendations

One may access platforms such as social media and search engines to check out reviews about schools. A simple search on the internet of social media platforms will take you to reviews written by students/their parents about that particular school. All of these reviews (positive or negative) can’t be trusted. But it is possible to identify genuine reviews.


You may also check – NEP system of education


5 Results

Results speak a lot about the quality of a school! Stunning performance by its students in board exams indicate the following things – the school has skilled teaching staff, bright students prefer that school, the school is an ideal place for academic development.

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