Scholarships After 12th: Amount, Eligibility & How to Apply

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Scholarships serve an important role in a student’s life. Nowadays, if you want to give a good education to your children, you need to invest a lot of money because of the high costs of educational courses. Eventually, scholarships help to decrease the burden by providing financial aid to the students.

If you get a scholarship, you will be able to complete your higher education and don’t have to take any loans for it. These can help you in your college education or further studies. Scholarships are given based on certain criteria and you need to apply for it.

Most of the students do not know about the various scholarships that are being provided to them by different governmental or private organizations. These are the list of scholarships that will help you to pursue higher studies.

List of scholarships after 12th

SCHOLARSHIPS AFTER 12TH There are innumerable scholarships for boys as well as girls that they can easily apply for. Some scholarships are under various educational degrees and provide you with different monetary benefits. Let’s go through the several scholarships a student is eligible for –

Loreal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship (FYWIS)

  • Purpose – This scholarship is granted only to girl students who mainly desire to pursue a degree in science, engineering, medicine, or among other scientific courses.
  • Award – 2.5 lakh rupees will be offered to each girl.
  • Eligibility – The family income should be less than about 4 Lakh per year and the students are required to score 85% in PCM or PCB.
  • How to apply – You can easily apply for an online application for this particular scholarship.

Center Sector Scholarship Scheme for 12th-pass science, arts, and commerce students

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  • Purpose – A total of 84000 scholarships will be provided to 50% of the girls as well as boys respectively.
  • Award – 10,000 rupees will be offered per annum for about 3 years, particularly for the graduation course and for the masters course it is 20,000 rupees per annum for two years.
  • How to apply – Apply for the application online after the month of August and September.

INSPIRE Scholarship

  • Purpose – This is a total of 1000 scholarships for the top 1 percentile students in 12th board exams.
  • Eligibility – A scholarship will be given to you based on your performance in NEET, IMO, JEE Mains, and Advance as well as other competitive examinations.
  • Award – A total of Rupees 80,000 will be granted till you complete the course.
  • How to apply – You can apply for an online application.

Academic Scholarship offered by Indian Oil

  • Purpose – A total of 2600 scholarships are there for the class 12th students.
  • Award – 1000 rupees per annum will be provided.
  • Eligibility – This scholarship is only for MBBS, ITI, MBA and Engineering courses.
  • How to apply – Easily apply for it by an online application between the months of August and September.

AICTE Scholarship Scheme to Girl Child (SSGC)


  • Purpose – The main purpose of this scholarship is to promote the technical education field like Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, and Applied Arts.
  • Eligibility –This is offered to only one girl student per family who has attained a good score in PCM or PCB subjects.
  • Award – A total of 4000 scholarships are given up to 50,000 rupees per annum.
  • How to apply – You can apply online by visiting their official site

G.P. Birla Scholarship

  • Purpose – This scholarship is granted mainly on courses like Science, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Commerce, and Architecture.
  • Eligibility – The students should secure 80% marks in the state board or 85% marks in the central board. You are also eligible if you have secured a rank in the top 150000 of JEE, AIPMT, and AIEEE exams.
  • Award – 50,000 rupees will be granted per annum.
  • How to apply – You can apply for an online application between the months of June and July.

Sahu Jain Trust Loan Scholarship

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  • Purpose – This is a non-refundable scheme scholarship for graduation and also post-graduation courses.
  • Eligibility – Students should pursue a graduation or post-graduation course in Engineering, MBA, and Medical.
  • Award – It provides financial support and also offers certificates to students.
  • How to apply – Apply at their official site for an online application.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship for the Minority Students

  • Purpose – The main agenda is to provide financial aid to poor or underprivileged meritorious students who basically belong to minority communities. The purpose is to give an opportunity to help them in pursuing technical as well as professional courses.
  • Eligibility – Communities of Muslim, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhist, Christian, and Jain student graduates can apply.
  • Award – This scholarship offers 25,000 to about 30,000 rupees per annum.

FAEA Scholarship

  • Purpose – The main purpose is to provide scholarship to students who basically belongs to the socially as well as economically disadvantaged parts of society. It gives underprivileged students an opportunity for studying in various institutes that provides economic opportunity as well as academic excellence.
  • Award –Financial aid and support for completing higher education.
  • How to apply – Apply for the scholarship online by filling up the online application form.

National Scholarship Test


  • Purpose – It is one of the popular exams as considered by the students. This scholarship is provided by the Shiksha Education Trust. The exam is conducted every year offline as well as in online mode. The main purpose of this test is to provide financial aid to the best talented and deserving candidate in the country.
  • Eligibility – Students of class 12 belonging to any stream are allowed to appear for this exam.

How to apply – To apply for this exam go through the below steps –

  1. Type the following link which is
  2. After this, you need to choose the exam mode, in which you can appear for the test easily either in offline mode or in online mode.
  3. Register yourself according to your own mode of preference
  4. All the students have to pave a 200 rupees demand draft to appear for the test.
  5. Just fill in the required details and upload all the important documents.

Fellowship Scheme, Gujarat

  • Purpose – This scholarship is given to class 12 students and postgraduates who belong to the category of SC, SEBC, ST, and other different categories. The agenda of this scholarship is to give financial aid to the backward category of students in society.

How to apply – Apply by 15th August and follow the steps to apply for the online application –

  1. Students can apply for this scholarship only through the online mode.
  2. For online application go to their official link.
  3. Select the New Registration option.
  4. You need to submit the details in order to complete the process of registration.
  5. Enter your registered Email id as well as the password required for logging in.
  6. After this you need to upload the required documents which should be self-attested. Aadhaar card, caste certificate, your academic result of previous year and passbook’s first page is required.
  7. Now, just check the details you have entered and submit the application form.

20th Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (NEST)

  • Purpose – This is held for the students of a higher secondary belonging to the science stream and for the engineering students of 1st as well as 2nd year. Its aim is to provide help to the poor students to support them financially, so as they can continue and focus on their studies. The students who perform well in this test are awarded the scholarship.
  • Eligibility –Students belonging to the science stream can easily take part in the scholarship exam. Along with them, the students who are doing a diploma in engineering course can also apply. You must be an Indian citizen to appear for the exam. The 12 students as well as the diploma students are eligible for appearing for the exam under
  • NEST JUNIOR II.   Reward – The top 10 ranked applicants will get a scholarship of INR 25,000 rupees each. The students who score in the top 10 of the NEST Junior II should also get a scholarship worth 30,000 rupees each. The participant securing the 1st rank will receive INR 50,000. Students getting an average of 40% will receive an appreciation certificate.

How to apply – In order to apply follow the below steps:

  1. Participants are allowed to apply through their preferred mode which is online mode or offline.
  2. Those students applying for the offline mode can download their form by going to the official link which is
  3. The candidates who are applying online should visit the site and log in to and submit their fees online.
  4. You should correctly enter all your proper details in the form.

The students appearing for the NEST JUNIOR II are required to pay an application fee of INR 600. Any delay in submitting the form in the mentioned date and time will require you to pay 100 rupees in the month of May and 200 rupees in the month of June.   The students who applied through the offline mode should send the application form once they have finished filling in all the necessary details, by the courier that is attached with the Demand Draft. Do keep in mind that the form should reach at the preferred address before the due date.

Combined Counseling Board Scholarship

Illustration of graduation certificate

Purpose – This is considered a famous scholarship in India. Class 12 students as well as graduates are eligible to participate in the scholarship. This allows the financially poor students to continue their studies in their course of interest.

The Combined Counseling Board also has a connection with the leading universities and colleges because of which it provides the students with an opportunity to apply in the member colleges. You should pass your exams with 50% of your marks to take part in the scholarship.

  • Eligibility –Students of class 12 as well as graduated students can only apply for the scholarship. It is necessary to pass their exams with 50% of the marks. All the students appearing for the exam should have the previous mark sheet, 2 passport-size photos, and bank account details.

How to apply – In order to apply just follow these steps –

  1. Go to their official link to apply for the scholarship exam.
  2. Select your respective state.
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. Choose your course of interest and keep in mind that you can only select any 2 courses which you want to take further.
  5. Enter all the details correctly along with your contact information and submit the form.
  • Award –The participants who will be selected for the scholarship will receive up to 60,000 to 70,000 rupees to continue their studies in the required course. Along with this money, they will also receive an award of 1 Lakh rupees from the State Government.

Schindler Igniting Minds Scholarship

  • Purpose – This scholarship is an outstanding opportunity provided to the students belonging to the socially backward class. Students undertaking diplomas in various Engineering courses like Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Telecommunication, etc. after the 12th class, can take part in this scholarship. The main motive of the scholarship is to provide financial aid to underprivileged students so they can shine in their careers without worrying about education costs. Approximately 75 students get awarded every year with this scholarship.
  • Eligibility – The science stream students who scored a minimum of 65% of marks in their 12th board exams and have a family income is not more than rupees 2 Lakh per year can easily take part in the scholarship.
  • Reward – 75 students get this scholarship every year. About 50% of scholarship is reserved for girls. The qualified students receive an amount of 20,000 rupees.

Vel Tech Mahatma Gandhi National Merit Scholarship

  • Purpose – The objective of this scholarship is to give financial aid to merit-based students who want to get a higher qualification at the academic level. The scholarship is given to the students while they pursue their undergraduate engineering courses.
  • Eligibility – Only Indian students can apply for this program. The students should have passed their 12th board exams from a well-known educational board. Students, who will be appearing for their higher secondary board exams this year, are also allowed to apply.

How to apply – Steps to apply online for this scholarship –

  1. Students can choose their specific mode while applying for the application.
  2. Those candidates who have applied through the offline mode should send in their application form which is correctly filled up, along with a DD of 950 rupees.
  • Rewards – The students will get this scholarship on the basis of their average marks in PCM or BPC.
  • Students scoring above 95% will receive 75% of the scholarship.
  • Students scoring between 90% and 94% will get 50% of the scholarship.
  • Between 80% to 89% will receive a 25% scholarship.
  • Students scoring 70% to 79% should receive a 10% scholarship.
  • The toppers will receive a 100% scholarship amount. Along with them, the rank holders in the top 20 VTUEEE will get a 75% scholarship, and the rank holders in between 21-500 will get a 50% scholarship.

Gandhi Fellowship Scholarship

Purpose – This scholarship is offered to all graduates and post-graduate students of all streams. It is a 2 year program that helps to identify the fresh talent of the students from among the top colleges. Students having a graduate degree or undertaking any course and is less than about 26 years of age are suitable to apply for it.

This scholarship is for students whose main focus lies on social entrepreneurship. Students from all colleges who have proved their leadership qualities in educational levels as well as in other activities should definitely apply for it.

Reward – The selected students will receive a scholarship of 14000 rupees per month for about 23 months. On completion of this fellowship, students will receive a payment of 161000 rupees. Along with this, they get paid 600 rupees per month which is provided for paying their medical insurance or phone expenses.

How to apply – Follow the steps to apply for this scholarship –

  1. Go to their official site and log in by providing your details.
  2. Enter your email and just after that you will get a confirmation mail containing a verification link. Click on the link to start with the process of application.
  3. Once the verification is completed you need to fill up the application.
  4. Enter all your basic details.
  5. Before submitting check all the required details and upload the documents.

PM Modi Scholarship Scheme

Purpose –This is mainly launched to give scholarships to the 12 pass students who are seeking admission in several UG and PG courses. This is also available for the ex-serviceman in the Army, air force, or Navy. This program is provided by the central government. A total of 5500 scholarships are given to deserving students. The students can apply for scholarship for various degrees like BCA, Medical, Pharmacy, MA, BA, M.Sc., B.Com, and many other courses.

Eligibility –The scholarship is not for students who will be doing distance studies but only for regular students. The candidate must have acquired first place in the 12th examinations and his or her age should be between 18-25 years. The respective students can apply for the scholarship whose family gets an income of less than 6 Lakh rupees per year.

How to apply – The application can be filled only through the online mode by visiting their official website. Candidates have to fill in details regarding the mark sheets, birth certificate, and bank details and have to upload a passport-size photo. Students can apply for only 1 course.

Reward – Students who attained a score of 75% of marks in class 12 will receive a scholarship of 1000 rupees monthly which is for exactly 10 months. Students having 85% marks will receive a scholarship of 25000 rupees. You need to score at least 50% of your marks to continue receiving the scholarship benefits for every semester.

All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Exam

Purpose –This scholarship allows students to choose their course of interest in any stream. Students who have completed their 12th can easily apply for this exam online. The scholarship is rewarded to more than 20000 students each year.

How to apply – Go through the steps to apply online for this scholarship –

  1. Visit their online portal which is
  2. You can register yourself online for this scholarship and do not forget to keep the registration number with you as it is important and you can need it later on.
  3. Once you are done with the registration you will be provided with the admit card and they will let you know the date of the examination.
  4. On the day of the examination carry your admit card along with your 2 passport-size photos and your ID.

AICTE Pragati Scholarship for Girls

  • Purpose – This scholarship is mainly provided to promote girl education. Students who have got an interest in the technical line can easily apply for this scholarship.
  • Eligibility – The students who are pursuing a diploma or any other degree from the colleges which are AICTE approved can apply for this scholarship.
  • Reward – Around 4000 girls get rewarded with this scholarship worth 30,000 rupees per year. It does not supervise any entrance scholarship exams separately for the students.
  • How to apply – To apply for this scholarship students can go and visit the official website of AICTE which is

How to apply for a Scholarship after 12th (Arts/Commerce/Science)?

Sometimes, it is basically given if you score a high percentage of marks in your 12th board exams but most of the time you mainly have to appear for a test to get its rewards. You earn a scholarship by meeting the certain standards which are set by a scholarship provider.

Remember when appearing for an exam you should be well-prepared because on basis of your results you earn the required scholarship. Focus on your studies particularly to achieve a higher qualification without much expenses incurred.

The application process may vary from one scholarship to another. Usually, it is the organizing institute/body/organization that determines the application process. Most of the scholarships can be accessed through the website of the providing entity/institute/board. In this post, readers may find the application process for each scholarship. Apart from that, the time of application (month) has also been provided.

Before applying for a scholarship, make sure that you are eligible to apply for it or not. The eligibility criteria of the scholarships have been mentioned in detail in this post. Generally speaking, a large number of candidates apply for popular scholarships. In order to select deserving candidates, the organizing body may rely on an aptitude test or the academic performance of the applicants.

Why do you need a scholarship after 12th (Arts/Commerce/Science)?

Nowadays, getting admission into a popular government college to acquire a higher degree is quite tough because there are only a few seats available for the best deserved students and even the cut offs are very high. Private colleges on the other hand are easier to get into but they are expensive and charge high fees each semester.

It is not possible for all the students to pay such heavy fees. They need some assistance to cope up with the burden of the expensive graduation courses for which an appropriate way to pay the funds are through the scholarships. Go through the above-mentioned private as well as government scholarships and you can easily apply for them.

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