Schemes for International students to work in the UK after graduation

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Many Indian as well as other International students study in the UK with the aim of finding a job there after Graduation. Earlier, this process was relatively easier! After restrictions were imposed in the post study work permit, finding a job in the UK after graduating has become increasingly difficult for foreign students. In this article, you will be reading about two attractive schemes, which will be of help to foreign students in finding a job in the UK after finishing their studies. In short, these schemes will help Graduates extend their stay and help gain work experience. One may also work on the work permit allowance during this extended stay!

Schemes for Indian and Foreign students to work in the UK after graduating

The name of the two schemes are- TWES (Training and Work Experience Scheme) and HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrants Programme). There exists other lesser known schemes and programmes too. But these two are the most popular and most useful schemes, when it comes to helping find a job immediately after graduating.


It is time to analyze each scheme and find important details about them-


1 TWES (Training and Work Experience Scheme)

This scheme will be of help to foreign students in getting an extension in their stay, after graduating. As the name suggests, this scheme is about Work Experience! Under this scheme, foreign students studying in the UK may stay in the UK after completing their course, so that they may acquire professional qualification and experience through work based training! Under this scheme, they may extend their stay to get work experience.


2 HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrants Programme)

The problem that Foreign students face in the UK after graduating is that of getting Work Permit. HSMP scheme solves that problem (in case of skilled students). Under the HSMP Scheme, very skilled individuals may seek or take up work in the UK without work permit! An individual must score at least 65 points under the criteria of this scheme. The points are scored in areas related to the educational background and qualifications of the individual.


International students who have completed their studies may make use of this scheme and search for work immediately after graduating!


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(Bonus) The Fresh Talent Scheme (Scotland)

This scheme is part of the Scottish Executive’s Fresh Talent Initiative. The Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme helps people to work and settle in Scotland. This scheme is especially of use to non-EEA students and Nationals who have completed a Degree course (or higher Degrees) at a Scottish University. Under this scheme, eligible graduates may stay for up to two years in Scotland after graduating and take up work there!

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