Ricardo Kishna: Has he got Indian roots?

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If you stumbled upon this article, it is sure that you want to know more about Dutch footballer Ricardo Kishna. You must be interested in knowing more about his ancestry, whether he has got Indian roots or not. Because ‘Kishna’ is quite matching with Indian name ‘Krishna’!

Who is Ricardo Kishna

Ricardo Kishna
Ricardo Kishna- Indian ancestry Image Source

He is a Dutch footballer, 20 years old, who plays as a winger/striker for Dutch club Ajax and its youth team. He has also represented the Netherlands’ national youth teams. He is a promising player and is tipped to become a brilliant player in the future.

Has he got Indian roots?

Thanks to his name, it is quite easy to guess that he has got Indian ancestry. His father is of Indian origin and his mother is Dutch. His father’s roots can be traced back to Suriname, which earlier used to be a Dutch and English Colony.

Suriname’s population consists of large number of people having Indian ancestry. During the 19th century, Indians were brought there as workers. With time, they settled down there. Ricardo’s father also has Indian ancestry.


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