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Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to take up Science stream for 11th and 12th standards? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of PCM and PCB groups.

PCM and PCB Groups

Key differences between the two groups, subjects covered under each group, scope of each group, which group should a student select – these are some of the important topics covered in this post.


Both students and parents will benefit from this post. They may use this post as reference material and choose the right group.


What does PCM and PCB stand for? What are these groups all about? Which one should I select after completing 10th standard? Are these questions troubling you? You will find answers to these questions in the coming sections.


In order to understand what PCB and PCM groups are all about, one must take some time to know what science stream is all about. Come, let us take a closer look at this stream and find out different groups that exist within this stream.


Science stream: An Introduction

Science stream, as the name suggests, deals with science subjects. The curriculum of science stream revolves around science subjects (physics, chemistry, biology), mathematics, computer science, languages etc.


As we all know, 10th standard passed students have access to three main streams – Arts stream, commerce stream and science stream. Science stream is known to be the toughest among the lot.


Science stream consists of subjects such as – physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, language (English, Hindi or regional languages) etc. Science subjects form the core of this stream.


While entering 11th standard science stream, students are asked to select a handful of compulsory subjects. These compulsory subjects include – mathematics/biology, physics and chemistry.


As you can see, students have an option to choose between mathematics and biology. It is based on these subjects that science stream can be classified into two groups – PCM and PCB.


Note: Some students are known to select/go forward with both subjects (mathematics and biology). These students come under the group known as PCMB!


PCM and PCB Groups: Everything you need to know

As I mentioned before, science stream students are free to choose their desired set of compulsory subjects. Physics and Chemistry and fixed subjects – students can’t avoid these subjects.


They are free to select one out of mathematics or biology subjects. Technically, a student is also eligible to select both subjects. But most students don’t select both, as it will increase work load on them!


Students who select Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects come under the group known as PCM group. This group is also known as mathematics group.


Students who choose Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects come under the group known as PCB group. This group is also known as biology group.


Each group may consist of other subjects (optional) such as – computer science, IT, physical education, languages etc. The availability of optional subjects may vary from one school to another!


Key differences between the groups

Subjects form the key difference between these groups. PCM group contains mathematics subject. On the other hand, PCB group consists of biology subject.


The other key difference is the availability of professional courses at the end of each group. For example, after completing 12th standard with PCM group, a student will have access to technical professional courses such as – B.E. or B.Tech. Apart from that, he/she will also have access to other academic program. You may also check – courses after 12th PCM group.


PCB group students have access to different types of medical and paramedical courses. Some such notable programs include – MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, B.V.Sc. etc. You may also check – courses after 12th science PCB group.


Note: Many Degree and Diploma programs can be pursued by both PCM and PCB group students!


Scope and career prospects

If you want to build a decent career in ‘technical’ sector, PCM group will be of help to you. This stream will give you access to engineering programs such as – B.E. or B.Tech.


If you want to build a decent career in ‘medical’ sector, PCB group will be of help to you. This group will give you access to medical courses such as – MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, B.Sc. Nursing etc.


Irrespective of the group, science stream students are eligible to pursue many academic programs such as – B.Pharm., B.Sc. programs, law programs etc.


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Which group should I select?

The answer to this question depends upon your answer to another question – What is your dream career like?


If you want to become an engineer, you may choose PCM group. If you want to become a Doctor, you may choose PCB group.


If you are passionate about mathematics, go for PCM group. If you are passionate about biology, you may go for PCB group.


In short, depending upon your dream (related to career)/passion/favorite subject, you may choose the ideal group. If you are still confused, you may take both subjects and opt for PCMB group. Before groups are finalized, you may drop mathematics/biology subject (depending upon your experience of dealing with each group). Or you may even choose to go forward with PCMB subjects (if you are comfortable in dealing with them both).

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