Octro Teen Patti Unlimited Chips Hack’s Truth

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We’ve already written couple of blog posts based on the Octro Teen Patti game. We described how this game is going viral and is attracting the attention of people- old and young! We also wrote some helpful articles about how to earn free chips in the game. We shared with you some amazing hacks and tips to get an advantage and earn free chips easily. Here, we are writing this post to share with you some important information regarding the unlimited chips hack of the teen patti game, that is being circulated on the internet.


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The truth about Octro Teen Patti’s Unlimited Chips Hack-


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Many of my friends have searched for the hacked version of the game, where the player gets unlimited chips. It is a known fact that people are so crazy after this game that they are even willing to pay real money in exchange of in-game chips. So, the prospect of unlimited chips has been unavoidable for many.


Many sites and blogs have made such ‘hacked’ versions available for download. They say that one just needs to download and install the file and chips be present when logged into the game.


Looking for such files, many folks have downloaded and installed it on their android phones. This has been happening since the last 1 month mostly. But, it has been reported that a good majority of these files and hacked versions of the game doesn’t provide unlimited chips.


In fact, it is being reported that the unlimited chip promise was just made to lure users to download the file. It is also being reported that the file is actually source of malicious adware!


Many users, after downloading and installing the hack have reported of increased number of random ads being shown when the phone is connected to the internet, i.e, when the data pack is turned on. This is a warning sign that the phone has been infected by an adware.


The creator of the adware earns money for the ads being shown across the screens of many users. The users are disturbed and their phones infected in return!


So, this post has been published with the aim of notifying you guys about the perils of using this hack. Before you download such hacks, make sure that a good anti-virus or anti adware app is installed in your android phone. This will help catch the culprit fast. Also spread this word among your friends.


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15 thoughts on “Octro Teen Patti Unlimited Chips Hack’s Truth”

  1. Its completely scame if it is not than send Me URL for direct download octro teen Patti due to I am trying to download it for many time but the same thing is. not done its just a way of selling to you product nothing else.

    • Well, I ask people to not do that… The hacked versions are malware! And if possible, stop playing the game and do something more constructive. 🙂


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