Verified Octro Teen Patti Cheats and Tricks for Free Chips

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The Teen Patti game app created by Octro is going viral these days. We’ve earlier published a post about how it is possible to make real money playing this game. We described how the chips used in the game can be used to earn real world money! But hey, we are not sure about the legal status of these methods though! Here, we will show you some methods, that many people use, to get large number of playing chips.


cards and chips


You see, the game is pretty addictive. But the longer you play, the greater are your chances of losing chips. Okay, you may also earn huge amount of chips if you are good at playing this game! Many people are keen to acquire chips and some of them even go on to buy game chips, paying real money for them!
But what if I say that with the help of some hacks, cheats and tips, you too can generate good amount of chips in less time? Interesting prospect, isn’t it? And I’ll teach you just how to do it! There are two common and easy ways to do this. Let’s see them one by one.


Tips and cheats to get chips in Octro Teen Patti game-


Method 1

The first step is to acquire Facebook ids of your friends. You know, ask them to log in to the Teen Patti game installed in your mobile. Some of them may agree. A widely practiced method is to create ‘fake ids’ on Facebook by game enthusiasts.


After creating them, login using those ids from different devices, preferably 2. Make both these ids sit on the same private table and play in such a way that your chances of winning increases!


I agree that this method is bit difficult and needs some resources, like- multiple ids, multiple devices, multi-tasking etc. Still, this method is sure to increase your chances of winning and earning chips in large amounts!



If you are not comfortable (which I’m sure you are) with using multiple ids on multiple devices at the same time, I recommend this method.


This method involves asking your friends to help you. It works like this- you for a group (along with your friend) and you guys sit on the same table. You must play in such a way that it benefits you guys one by one. Got it? Yes, it works like the 1st method. But the only difference is that you are taking help of friends instead of using multiple ids!




But be careful while using the above two methods. You should be careful not t raise the suspicion of other players. In your quest to earn more chips, you shouldn’t hurry the above processes. Make it look natural! Because these are effective strategies that many players who play Octro Teen Patti have been practicing! The long you slog out, implementing it, the better results it’ll bring.


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