Major Lakes Of The World

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Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea-


Lake Chad
Lake Chad-


Lake Superior
Lake Superior-


Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi-

Lakes are important sources of water. They also add to the scenic beauty of the place where they are located. Lots of people directly/indirectly are dependent on it. For example many people make a living by fishing etc. This article is all about the major lakes of our planet. It provides you information about the major lakes, their location and their area. This information is very useful and will enhance your knowledge.

Major Lakes Of the World
Name Location Area (km2)
Caspian Sea USSR and Iran 3,93,898
Superior USA and Canada 82,103
Victoria Africa 69,485
Aral USSR 68,682
Huron USA and Canada 59,570
Michigan USA 57,757
Tanganyika Africa 32,893
Baykal USSR 31,492
Great Bear Canada 31,328
Great Slave Canada 28,570
Erie USA and Canada 25,667
Winnipeg Canada 24,390
Malawi Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania 23,310
Maracaibo Venezuela 21,487
Ontario USA and Canada 19,011
Balkhash USSR 18,260
Ladoga USSR 18,130
Chad Africa 15,540
Onega USSR 9,842
Eyre Australia 9,324
Turkana Kenya and Ethiopia 9,065
Titicaca Peru and Bolivia 9,065
Athabasca Canada 7,936
Nicargua Nicargua 7,697


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