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Hi readers! Are you looking for the list of Los Angeles high school codes? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a detailed list of high school codes of high schools in Los Angeles, California. Each high school has a unique HS code assigned to it. This code is used to identify the school. The HS code is also used in ACT and other nationalized tests. You may also check – Alabama high school codes.   Without wasting any time, let us check out the list of high school codes now. Here it is –  

Los Angeles High School Codes List 2022

Name of the high school

High school code

Apostolic Christian Academy 054578
Abram Friedman Occ Center 051516
Acad Environmental-soc Policy 054437
Academia Avance Charter School 054247
Academic Leadership Community 054254
Academy Multilingual Arts Sci 054627
Alain Leroy Locke College Prep 054367
Alexander Hamilton High School 051525
Alliance Dr Olga Mohan High School 051779
Alliance Gertz-ressler High School 053983
Alliance Judy Burton Tech 054088
Alliance Leichtman Levine Eshigh School 054360
Alliance Ouchi-o’donovan 6-12 051598
Alliance Patti And Peter Acad 054218
Alliance Pbs High Schoola High School 054361
Alliance Renee & Meyer Luskin 051663
Alliance Simon Tech Academy High School 051804
Alliance Smidt Technology High 054636
Alliance Stern Math Sci School 054163
Alliance Ted K Tajima High School 054513
Alliance Tennenbaum Fam Techigh School 054527
Ambassador School Global Ldrshp 051776
American University Prep Sch 054820
Anahuacalmecac Intl Prep High School 054332
Animo Jackie Robinson Charter 054199
Animo Justice Charter High Sch 054252
Animo Pat Brown Charter High 054238
Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High School 054259
Animo S Los Angeles Charter High School 053975
Animo Watts College Prep Acad 054283
Apex Academy 054291
Archer School For Girls 052339
Arete Preparatory Academy 054224
Augustus F Hawkins High School C Dags 054632
Augustus F Hawkins High School Chas 054633
Augustus F Hawkins Rise 054634
Aviva High School 051587
Bais Yaakov School For Girls 051533
Belmont High School 051540
Benjamin Franklin High School 051550
Bishop Conaty Our Lady Loretto 051552
Bishop Mora Salesian High School 051554
Bnos Esther High School 051657
Boyle Heights High School 051553
Boyle Heights Stem Magnet High School 054780
Boyle Heights Technology Academy 051813
Boys Academic Leadership Acad 054934
Bravo Medical Magnet High School 051719
Brentwood School 051555
Bright Star Secondary Academy 054207
Brio College Prep 051668
Business Industry School 051564
Camino Nuevo High School 053991
Camino Nuevo High School #2 Temple 054693
Cathedral High School 051560
Central City Value High School 051764
Central High School 051563
Central Juvenile Hall 051578
Cesar Chavez Cds 051557
Cheviot Hills High School 051566
Chofetz Chaim La Affiliate 054743
City Of Angels School 052608
College Bridge Academy 054799
Collegiate Chigh School Of Los Angeles 054845
Comm/Tech School Diego Rivera 054544
Crenshaw Arts-tech Charter High School 053910
Crenshaw High School Stemm Magnet 051569
Destiny Girls Academy 051822
Dolores Mission School 051577
Dorothy V Johnson High Sch Cds 054530
Downtown Magnets High School 051576
Dr Joseph P Widney High School 051655
Dr Maya Angelou Community High School 054547
Duke Ellington High School 054392
E Los Angeles Renaissance Ac 054450
Eagle Rock High School 051580
Early College Academy 054701
East College Prep 050338
East Los Angeles Occupational Center 051579
East Los Angeles Skills Center 051588
Education Corps 054789
Edward Roybal Learning Center 051862
Episcopal Sch Of Los Angeles 054718
Esperanza College Prep 051633
Evans Community Adult School 051583
Fairfax Senior High School 051590
Family Gathering Chrn Acad 051712
Felicitas & Gonzalo Méndez High School 054381
Foshay Learning Center 051788
Franklin Community Adult School 051589
Frederick K C Price Iii Cs 051777
Frida Kahlo High School 054251
Fusion Academy Miracle Mile 054800
Fusion Academy Los Angeles 051612
Fusion Academy Pasadena 054579
Futures Academy Brentwood 054752
Geffen Academy At Ucla 051603
George Washington Com Adlt Sch 051600
George Washington Prep High School 051605
Girls Academic Leadership Acad 050309
Glory Christian School 050649
Green Design Steam Academy 051622
Green Pastures Academy 051716
Harkham Gaon Academy 054652
Harold Mcalister High School 051718
Harris Newmark High School 051601
Harvest Christian Academy 051608
Henry Salvatori Educ Center 051609
Highland Park High School 054668
Hilda L Solis Learning Academy 054710
Hollywood High School 051615
Hollywood Media Arts Academy 051817
Horace Mann Ucla Comm Sch 050399
Humanitas Ac Art Tech-torres 054451
Icl Academy 054988
Immaculate Heart High School 051625
James A Garfield High School 051635
Joel John Scholastic Academy 051821
John C Fremont High School 051645
John Hope High School 051839
John Marshall High School 051650
Johnson Community Day School 051595
Jordan High School 051575
King Drew Magnet High School Med-sci 051672
La Acad Of Arts And Enterprise 054387
La Center For Enriched Studies 051561
Larchmont Charter School 054683
Lausd Usc Media Arts Engineer 051652
Le Lycee Francais De Los Angel 050321
Lincoln High School 051520
Little Citizens Westside Academy 051671
Los Angeles Adventist Academy 051880
Los Angeles Co High School For The Arts 051677
Los Angeles High School Of The Arts 054162
Los Angeles Intl Charter High School 054121
Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School 051660
Los Angeles River School 051737
Los Angeles Sch Global Studies 054057
Los Angeles Senior High School 051680
Los Angeles Technology Center 051806
Loyola High School 051685
Machon Los Angeles 052703
Magnolia Science Academy 4 054468
Manual Arts Senior High School 051700
Marlborough School 051710
Marlton School 051713
Marymount High School 051715
Math And Science College Prep 054767
Matrix For Success Academy 054930
Maxine Waters Empl Prep Center 051709
Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok 054292
Metropolitan High School 051720
Middle College High School 051722
Miguel Contreras Learning Complex 054053
Milken Community High School 051727
Montecito Park Baptist School 051723
Monterey High School 054091
Morgan Mckinzie High School 054346
Mstma At Roosevelt High School 054436
Muhammad University Of Islam 051714
Nava College Prep Acad 054826
Neighborhood Acad Initiative 053584
Neilson Academy 051674
New Covenant Academy 051729
New Designs Charter School-watts 054498
New Designs Charter School 054025
New Open World Academy 054457
New Village Girls Academy 054165
New West Charter School 054663
Notre Dame Academy 051730
Oak Crest Academy Colburn 055140
Ohel Chana High School 051534
Optimist Charter School 054833
Orthopaedic Hosp Med Magnet High School 051811
Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter 051781
Pathways Community School 054892
Performing Arts Comm School 051621
Phoenix Continuation High School 051749
Pilgrim School 051752
Public Service Comm School 051620
Puc Cals Charter Middle Early College High School 051548
Puc Early College Lead Scholar 054541
Pueblo De Los Angeles High Sch 054305
Ramon C Cortines Vis Per Art 054376
Ramona High School 051755
Rejoice In Jesus Christian Sch 051759
Renaissance Arts Academy 051763
Ribet Academy 051058
Rise Kohyang High School 050308
Rose-alex Pilibos Armenian School 051758
Russell Westbrook Why Not High School 051687
Sacred Heart High School 051760
Santee Education Complex 053974
Sch Social Justice Contreras 054695
School Visual Arts Humanities 054243
Second Chance Cal-safe 051812
Secondary Cds 051791
Shalhevet High School 051792
Sinica Education 054972
Social Justice Ldrshp-torres 054444
Sotomayor Arts Sciences 052355
South La College Prep 054994
Summit View Sch-culver City 051784
Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High School 051795
Synergy Quantum Academy 054531
Teach Tech Charter High School 054770
Tec-saito High Sch Pico Union 051679
Technology Art And Design High 054650
The Incubator School 054881
Theodore Roosevelt High School 051805
Thomas Jefferson High School 051815
Thomas Riley High School 051814
Thurgood Marshall Leadership 051658
Torres E La Performing Arts 054452
Torres High School Eng Tech 054441
Tree Academy 050397
Ucla Community School 051662
Univ Pathways Medical Mag Acad 051686
Univ Pathways Pub Svc Acad 052961
University High School Charter 051825
University Prep Value High School 054891
Usc Hybrid High School 054673
Venice High School 051828
Verbum Dei High School 051829
Veterans Counselor-guidance Center 051831
View Park High School 051832
View Park Prep High School 053904
Village Glen West 051849
Visions Day School 993035
Vista School 054584
W C Talmudical Seminary 052148
Wallis Annenberg High School 051728
Walt Whitman High School 051833
Wesm Aviation Aerospace Magnet 054880
Wesm Health And Sports Medi 054879
West Adams Preparatory High School 054225
Westchester Enriched Sciences 051830
Westside Community Adult School 051585
Westview School 051836
Whitney Young High School 054261
Wildwood Middle-upper School 051852
Windward School 053323
Wish Academy High School 051705
Woodrow Wilson High School 051840
Yeshiva Gedolah Of Los Angeles 051842
Yeshiva U High School Los Angeles-girls 051843
Youth Opportunities Unlimited 051844
Youthbuild Charter Sch-calif 054318
Yula Boys High School 051841
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