Lateral Entry: Vacant seats a cause of worry among Engineering colleges

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Diploma to Degree admissions have started in some states. The lateral entry admission process will soon start in other states too! But, are there any takers for this admission scheme? After a small investigation, I found out some shocking facts and figures!

The study was conducted on Diploma holders from Gujarat state. Despite the ongoing craze for engineering studies, majority of lateral entry seats lie vacant in Gujarat.   When it comes to top rated colleges like LDCE, lateral entry seats are very difficult to get. Seats rarely lie vacant in top rated engineering colleges. In fact, meritorious students bag these seats, based on their performance in the Diploma program.   But what about mediocre and newly started engineering colleges? Do they have a similar happy story to share? Unfortunately no! In cases of such colleges, majority of seats remain vacant.   As much as 75% of the lateral entry seats remain vacant in mediocre engineering colleges in Gujarat. In cases of few institutes, the percentage of empty lateral entry seats is 100% – that means no candidates is interested in securing lateral admission into that institute!   What are the reasons responsible for this decline, especially in cases of mediocre and newly started institutes? The main reason is that students are getting more knowledgeable about the quality of education imparted at such institutes.   They realize the fact that a Degree from such colleges will be of no real use to them! It is nothing but wastage of time and money!  

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  Apart from that, Diploma holders are also finding it relatively easy to bag a job in Gujarat, right after passing out of polytechnic institutes! Diploma holders are well trained and have good technical knowledge. Industries know this fact and hire them for a relatively lower salary.   Both public and private sector job opportunities are available in front of Diploma holders! If you are all set to appear for lateral entry admissions, check out this guide – Diploma to Degree admission.

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