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KTU stands for Kerala Technological University. This post will be of help to engineering students of KTU. Here, I’ve provided all the details that you need to know about KTU attendance rules and regulations.

Minimum attendance required, medical leave, study break – I’ve covered all the important aspects related to KTU attendance rules and regulations. Students may use this guide to get a better idea about the rules and regulations. Everything has been explained in an easy to understand style and language.   KTU is a popular technical education University in Kerala. Many reputed engineering colleges (Government, Aided and Private) in Kerala are affiliated to KTU.   If you are a KTU student, you must be knowledgeable about the attendance rules and regulations. A student must know details such as – minimum attendance required, rules regarding medical leave, rules regarding taking break etc.   For example – if you fail to secure minimum attendance, you will be barred from appearing in main/external examination. In short, it is necessary to know these details.   Let us start –  

KTU attendance rules 2022


Minimum attendance required

Minimum attendance required is – 75%. A student must have at least 75% attendance if he/she wants to appear for the external/main examination. If a student fails to attain 75% attendance, he/she will obtain FF grade in the specific course/subject.  

Applying for leave

Students are permitted to take leave under certain circumstances. These circumstances include –

  • Participation in sports events
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
  • Medical reasons/illness

  Leave of absence granted on basis of these circumstances is limited to 25% of the academic contact hours for the course. In cases of long period of illness or major personal tragedies, a college principal can relax the minimum attendance requirement to 60%.   In order to apply for leave, students have to submit leave application to the teacher conducting the course. The teacher will forward the application to relevant HOD. The leave application is finally sanctioned by the HOD.   If you want to avail medical leave that exceeds three days, you must provide valid medical certificate along with the leave application. The validity of the medical certificate may be verified by the teacher/HOD.  

Break of study

Under some special circumstances, a KTU student is allowed to take break of study. The conditions are as follows –

  • Conditions that require prolonged hospitalization, rest and rehabilitation (examples – serious accident or illness)
  • Students planning to initiate a startup
  • Relevant personal reasons

  If you want to claim break of study due to serious accident or illness, you must furnish relevant medical certificates and recommendation from the Doctor. Before resuming classes, you must also provide fitness certificate from a Doctor.   If you are planning to begin a startup/start product development and want to claim break of study, you must provide details such as – project report, action plan, technical details, funding details and future plan to the Principal.   The Principal will consult technocrats and bank executives to gauge and evaluate the proposal. Based on his/her observations, the Principal will take a decision.

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