Top 3 easy ways for Indian students to make money online

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Student life is exciting. But, at the same time, a good majority of student population is financially dependent on their parents. Sadly, the pocket money allotted by parents often too low to meet the demands of students! Due to this reason, many youngsters take up jobs, especially online jobs, with the aim of making some quick bucks and thus satisfy their needs! They often take up less rewarding jobs like- data entry, ad viewing, PTC (Paid To Click) sites etc. And such online jobs are notorious for their low payout rate. Further, lots of scams are also involved, when it comes to such kinds of online works. So, keeping students and youngsters in mind, I have listed some awesome ways in which they can make money online. The best part is that these methods will suit them very well, they may make use of the resources they already have in their hands and put them to use to make money online! Please read the entire article and choose a method that suits you best, which you think you can be good at!


Easy, effective ways for students to make money online-


#1 PPD Networks

Download button
Quality files will get downloaded and generate revenue in case of PPD method!

For many of you out there reading this article, the term PPD will be brand new! Let me explain it to you in detail. PPD stands for ‘Pay Per Download’. Basically, a PPD service allows you to upload a file of yours to their system. For each user that downloads that file from them, the user has to fill up a survey or complete a task. In this way, after completing the task, for each download that a use makes, you, the publisher will get paid!

Now, let me explain you in detail how students can make money easily from PPD Networks. For getting success in PPD field, you must offer a file that is very useful.

In case of students, they may offer good quality study material, such as- notes, personal question papers, solution set to various papers etc. Such files may easily be converted into PDF format and uploaded to PPD networks.

There is huge demand, when it comes to such study material. Also, users won’t mind filling up surveys and finishing tasks to download such study material for free! You may also check – Part-time job opportunities for students.

So, if you have access to good study material, you may make good money out of it! All you need is to register with some good PPD networks such as Cleanfiles/Fileice and promote your uploaded study material files.

Promoting the files will beeasy, thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. You may make use of big student groups on these social networks to promote your stuff. If the file offered is of good quality and manages to muster some positive reviews, it could earn you decent money!


#2 Social Media pages and groups-

Facebook banner
Facebook is a place suited for students to make money online

Businesses- small and large are relying to a great extent on social networking sites to improve their sales and conversions. This fact is evident from the way they are promoting their products on Facebook!

They primarily rely on Facebook ads to get this task done. But many of them, especially small businesses, rely on Facebook pages and groups to promote their products and services!

Students too may make use of this trend and make some money out of it! The best way to get started is by creating a popular Facebook page.

I agree that making a wildly popular page on Facebook is not easy. But it isn’t an impossible task either!

After creating a popular, active FB page, you will get advertising offers from other pages and brands! You may also create groups, active, big ones, and get advertising offers!

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The best way, according to me is combining entry #1 and #2. Yes, by promoting your PPD files through your Facebook page! This will be a more rewarding activity in the long run!

Create a page that is very much related to the nature of files you are sharing- study material. The page will attract mostly students, who are in need of good quality study material.

So, when they see you sharing PPD links of awesome study material for free, they won’t hesitate downloading those files!


#3 Using apps like mCent-

mCent app is an easy way to generate cash using Android phone

I’ve already written an article about how one can get free talk time using mCent app. But in this article, I will show how youngsters can make ‘real money’ from this app!

If you are using an Android phone, then you must make use of this app. It will help you earn decent money if used the right way!

First of all, you have to install mCent app on your Android phone. You may click on that link using Chrome browser on your Android phone and install the app for free from Play Store.

After installing, you have two options to get money- #1 try out apps using mCent and get money for each app you download. #2 You may also refer your friends and make as much as 100 Rupees for each friend you refer to the app!

The money you earn using the above two methods will be credited in form of mCent credits. So, how will one be able to get real cash instead of mCent credits and talk time?

For that, one may offer low cost recharges to others using the mCent credits! For example, if you have 500 Rupees in your mCent account, you may give 500 Rupees recharge to your friend in exchange for 400 Rupees cash payment!

This will be a win-win situation for both parties!

These are the top three methods, tailor made for students. Because, the resources required in these methods are easily available with students. For example- study material files in case of PPD method, access to Facebook in case of method #2, access to Android phone in case of method #3. Also, these methods pays well, when compared to methods like PTC, data entry etc.

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