How to increase efficiency of Indian Government workers

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

Day by day we get to hear about the misdoings of Government workers of India. I’m not saying that all of them are bad at their job. There have been some excellent officers and workers, who have devoted their life to work and were very efficient. But on the other hand, many government workers are also bribe seekers and very inefficient.

The government takes various steps to increase the efficiency of its employees. The most common way is to form a ‘cabinet’ to monitor the efficiency. But what happens is that the cabinet is just so inefficient at their job that another cabinet is required to monitor the activities of the first cabinet!

Pictured- some Government Officials

At some government offices, the employees exist just to ‘loot’ people. Let me give you an example- the RTO office in Bhuj, Gujarat. You may find a number of ‘agents’ outside the office. These ‘agents’ have tie-ups with the RTO office workers. They even enter the offices which otherwise have restricted access.

These agents will charge a ‘fees’ for getting a license, renewing it or any other work. They say that if you try to get a license the ‘straight’ way, you will have to go through lots of ‘bheja-maari’. One of my friend, who went there to get a two-wheeler driving license came out with a license for two wheeler and four wheeler! He told me that the ‘agent’ he consulted gave him a combo-offer with some discount! Apparently my friend doesn’t know how to drive a goddamn four-wheeler!

So, what should be done to change things around and increase the efficiency of Government workers? Following are some tips:

#1 Make them ‘experience’ the needy’s plight

Slums of India
Slums of India- Flickr

Many times, the Government workers take less care about the poor and uneducated people. They think that since the people consulting them are poor and uneducated, they can get away with it. There should be a system that the Government worker should be made to literally ‘experience’ the plight of the poor complainant. This should enable the worker to better understand the condition of the complainant and the worker may respond better and faster since he has ‘experienced’ the situation.

#2 Come up with a new ‘Performance Meter’

Performance graph
Check out their performance-

Every Government office should formulate an algorithm to calculate the efficiency and the performance index of its employees. Yes, just like the way they do it in schools and colleges. The algo should be working and reliable. The results should be published at the end of each month. This will inspire the Government workers to put on some good performances. And yes, we should also reward the ‘Top-Performers’.

#3 We need more whistle blowers!

A la anonymous!-

More and more sting operations are needed to bring out the corrupt officials. People are afraid to expose acts of bribery. We can’t complain about it because the security of Whistle blowers is often compromised. What we need is an ‘Anonymous’ styled organisation aimed at exposing corrupt officials.

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#4 Implement the ‘No Excuse’ rule

No excuse
So what’s your excuse?- Flickr

Our Government should implement the no excuse rule. Often Government workers give excuses like- your file is not here, your file will be checked tomorrow, today our ‘saheb’ is absent. I read about a country, where the Government officers are not supposed to make excuses. They are expected to give the solution. Why not implement it here?

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