Disable Samsung Mobile Tracker in case of lost password

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

Samsung mobiles these days come loaded with a program called the Mobile Tracker. Various versions of this program are pre-loaded in Samsung handsets. The main function of this program is to help the owner track his/her lost mobile phone. It also helps the user in remotely accessing the phone data (such as contacts) and erasing them as well. But many times, this useful program also haunts users. For example, when they change SIM card, a notification message is sent to certain numbers that the owner initially fed into the tracker! And things can get worse if the password is forgotten by a user! This article will help you disable Mobile Tracker on Samsung Mobile!


If you have forgotten the default password, please enter 01010101 as the code. You may access the menu of the mobile tracker after doing so. You may choose to switch off the mobile tracker.


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If you changed password of the tracker in the past and forgot it, still you may solve this issue. Go to settings and use the option of ‘Restore Factory Settings’ options. Thereafter, you may open mobile tracker. When password is asked, enter- 01010101. This will get you through to the menu of the tracker. Now you may switch the tracker off or change the numbers fed into it!

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