HSE (High School Equivalency): Details, Exams, Benefits & More

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Do you want to earn your HSE (High School Equivalency) in 2022? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of HSE. Here, readers will find the following details – basic details about HSE, the process to earn it, relevant tests/exams, uses of HSE, state-wise high school equivalency options and more.

When it comes to High School Equivalency, these are some common questions posed by students across the USA –

  • What is HSE?
  • How can I earn my HSE?
  • What are the benefits of possessing HSE?
  • Which equivalency options are endorsed by my state?

  In this post, you will find answers to the questions listed above. First of all, let us take a close look at HSE. Let us check out what it is all about. Let us begin –  

What is HSE (High School Equivalency)?

In simple terms, HSE or High School Equivalency is a recognized alternative to a high school diploma. This alternative is equivalent to a high school diploma.   Due to different reasons, many students fail to complete high school education and earn their high school diploma. HSE has been crafted keeping their needs in mind. By earning an HSE, a student can obtain the full benefits (further education, job opportunities, training etc) of a high school diploma.   In other words, if you don’t have a high school diploma, go for HSE and earn it! It is a recognized and equivalent alternative to the high school diploma that you’ve been missing so far!   Multiple exams are conducted to determine HSE. We will discuss about them later in this post.  

How to earn your HSE?

As I mentioned before, different HSE-related tests are conducted to determine high school equivalency. Some of the popular exams are – GED, HiSET and TASC.   A state usually promotes one or more HSE-related exam. I’ve provided a state-wise list of HSE exams in this post. A student may choose a relevant test and start his/her exam preparation. He/she may appear for the test/exam (it usually takes a day). Perform well in the test and earn your HSE!  

High school equivalency exams

Here’s the list of common HSE exams in the USA –

  • GED (General Educational Development)
  • HiSET (High School Equivalency Test)
  • TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion)
  • CHSPE (California)
  • CT-NEDP (Connecticut)
  • MD-NEDP (Maryland)
  • NY-NEDP (New York)
  • CSSD (Pennsylvania)
  • RI-NEDP (Rhode Island)
  • VT-ADP (Vermont)
  • VA-NEDP (Virginia)
  • WI-HSED (Wisconsin)
  • DC-NEDP (Washington DC)

  Let us check out the state-wise list of HSE exams. Here it is –  

State-wise list of HSE exams

Sr No



1 Alabama GED
2 Alaska GED
3 Arizona GED
4 Arkansas GED
5 California GED, HiSET, TASC, CHSPE
6 Colorado GED, HiSET, TASC
7 Connecticut GED, CT-NEDP
8 Delaware GED
9 Florida GED
10 Georgia GED
11 Guam GED
12 Hawaii GED, HiSET
13 Idaho GED
14 Illinois GED, HiSET, TASC
15 Indiana TASC
16 Iowa HiSET
17 Kansas GED
18 Kentucky GED
19 Louisiana HiSET
20 Maine HiSET
21 Maryland GED, MD-NEDP
22 Massachusetts GED, HiSET
23 Michigan GED, HiSET, TASC
24 Minnesota GED
25 Mississippi GED, HiSET, TASC
26 Missouri HiSET
27 Montana HiSET
28 Nebraska GED
29 Nevada GED, HiSET, TASC
30 New Hampshire HiSET
31 New Jersey GED, HiSET, TASC
32 New Mexico GED, HiSET
33 New York TASC, NY-NEDP
34 North Carolina GED, HiSET, TASC
35 North Dakota GED
36 Ohio GED, HiSET, TASC
37 Oklahoma GED
38 Oregon GED
39 Pennsylvania GED, HiSET, CSSD
40 Rhode Island GED, RI-NEDP
41 South Carolina GED, TASC
42 South Dakota GED
43 Tennessee HiSET
44 Texas GED, HiSET, TASC
45 Utah GED
46 Vermont GED, VT-ADP
47 Virginia GED, VA-NEDP
48 Washington GED
49 West Virginia TASC
50 Wisconsin GED, WI-HSED
51 Wyoming GED, HiSET
52 Washington DC GED, DC-NEDP

  What are the benefits of earning HSE, some of you may ask. Come, let us check out the main benefits now –  

Benefits of HSE

High school equivalency is quite useful. HSE will help you in the following ways –

  1. Qualify to enter a college
  2. Quality for other training programs
  3. Quality for various job opportunities

  A high school diploma is a useful qualification. Using a high school diploma, a candidate may apply for further studies (college, training institutes, certification organizations etc). He/she may even gain access to various job opportunities using a high school diploma.  

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  Without a high school certificate, you won’t be able to apply for college admission. Similarly, you won’t be considered eligible for job opportunities that require a high school diploma.   Under such circumstances, one may rely on HSE and gain access to college education and the above mentioned job opportunities. Since HSE is an equivalent alternative to a high school diploma, it carries the same value and benefits of a high school diploma.

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