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Reading vacations are very useful for GTU students. Usually, such a vacation lasts for 3-4 weeks. Students are allotted such vacations a month before the final external examination of that particular semester. To be honest, most students don’t make use of this opportunity. They misuse it, by not studying well. Many of them misuse and mismanage time, not making full use of the vacation. In this article, I’ll describe to you how group study can be used to prepare well for examinations during study leave period.


Making good use of reading vacation using group study tactics


#1 Form a good study group

There is a saying that if you mingle with motivated folks, you too will become motivated and hungry for success. Similarly, if you hang out with negative minded folks, you too will end up like them.

In order to execute group study sessions, you need to form a good group. And a good group can only be made if you rope in studious, serious and determined folks.

Make sure that your study group is comprised of such folks.


#2 Divide preparation material wisely

When it comes to subjects, we all have strong points and weak points. You might be good at Mathematics, while your friend might be good at Physics.

So, in your group, do try to learn lessons from the ‘expert’ of that particular subject. This will ensure that the ‘best brain’ is teaching you! Also, making use of this strategy, time is utilized well, since more stuff will be learnt in less time.


#3 Staying at hostel is the best idea

Practically, a good group study session can be executed only when you are staying at your hostel room! I’m not saying that home is not a good place to prepare for examinations.

But at home, there are distractions, number of them! Also, there will be problem in assembling the whole group there.

So, instead of getting homesick and rushing to home during reading vacations, try to stay at the hostel itself and indulge in group study activities.


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# All work and no play is bad

Only studies is not something that I recommend, even during reading vacation group study sessions. Try to relax, bust stress and indulge in some fun activities. Too much study can result in burnout. This is something that you should try to avoid.

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