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Hi readers! This post will be of help to GTU engineering students. In this post, we will have an in-depth analysis of GTU evaluation system. Marking system, scheme, passing marks, types of exams – I’ve covered all these topics in this post.

GTU stands for Gujarat Technological University. It is one of the leading Engineering and Technology Universities in India. Many engineering colleges in Gujarat are affiliated to GTU.   GTU follows a decent evaluation system. This evaluation system is used to rate and gauge the performance of students. Theory and practical – GTU’s evaluation system is used to rate a student’s performance in both these areas.   Types of exams conducted by GTU, marking scheme, evaluation scheme, how grading works – you will find all the details that you need to know about GTU evaluation system in this post. The main aim of this post is to educate and inform students about scheme of assessment followed by GTU and colleges affiliated to it.  

GTU Evaluation System 2022

Let us focus our attention towards the types of exams conducted under GTU system. Here they are –  

Types of exams

Under this system, three main types of exams are conducted. They are –

  1. University Theory Exam
  2. Mid Semester Exam
  3. Practical/Continuous Evaluation/Viva Voce etc

  University theory exam is also known as external or main examination. This exam is conducted at the end of each semester. Mid semester exam, as the name suggests, is carried out in the middle of each semester. The College/Institute of responsible for carrying out this exam.  

Marks distribution

  • Marks distribution is as follows –
  • University Theory exam – 70 marks
  • Mid semester exam – 30 marks
  • Practical/Continuous Evaluation/Viva Voce etc – 50 marks


Minimum passing marks required

In order to be considered fully passed in a subject, a student must score as follows –

  • University Theory exam – 23 marks
  • Mid semester exam – 12 marks
  • Practical/Continuous Evaluation/Viva Voce etc – 25 marks


Grading system

On the result card, a letter grade is shown against each subject. How to find out grade based on marks scored, you may ask. The grade is obtained by converting marks (obtained by adding internal marks and marks scored in University theory exam). Mid semester exam carries 30% weight and University theory exam carries 70% weight.

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