Best Telecom Vocational Training Courses in the USA

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This post will be of help to vocational training aspirants from the USA. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best vocational training programs related to trades such as electronics, telecommunication and computing.

Candidates who have completed K12 schooling, those who possess high school Diploma, students still studying in school, Associate Degree holders – there’s something for everyone in this post.   The training programs mentioned in this post are job oriented in nature. These training programs have been designed to develop industry-specific skills in students. Yes, each course caters to the needs of a specific industry. The training programs discussed in this post mainly deals with trades/sectors/domains such as telecom, electronics and computing.   Here are some of the salient features associated with these training programs –

  • Job oriented training
  • Short course duration (Short-term training)
  • Skill-developing curriculum
  • Adheres to industry standards

Come, let us check out the list of training programs. In the list provided below, you will find the following details – names of training programs and their brief introduction. Let us start –

List of Electronics and Telecom Vocational Training Programs in USA

Here are some of the best training programs –

1 Telecom Test Technician

This training program deals with testing techniques employed by telecom sector employees. After installing a new system or while addressing issues in an existing system, it becomes necessary to test and system and look for issues. This program will train you in areas related to telecom testing.

2 Telecom Installation & Repair Technician

Installing a new telecom system is not an easy task. The process involves different types of telecom equipment, wires, power source etc. In order to install telecom system and repair existing system, one must possess specialized knowledge and skill-set. After completing this training program, you will be able to perform tasks such as – install telecom system at desired place and repair/troubleshoot systems.

3 Electronic Product Testing

This training program also deals with testing techniques. Before mass producing any product, it is mandatory to test it and find flaws in it. Similarly, while repairing any electronic product, it is necessary to test it. Testing it will help one in identifying the problem. This program is all about testing of common electronic products.

4 Optical Fiber Technician

Optical fiber play an important role in the field of telecommunication. Optical fiber is well known for its (relatively) lossless transmission of data. Telecom sector uses optical fiber in network. In order to deal with optical fiber, they hire professionals who are adept at working with optical fiber. This training program will help you become an Optical Fiber technician.

5 Network Security Technician

When it comes to telecom industry, network security is an aspect that simply can’t be ignored. Telecom giants spend millions of Dollars each year for network security alone! Network security professionals keep an eye on the network and watch out for intruders and hackers. They also watch out for vulnerabilities within the network.

6 Telecom Rigger

It is a dangerous job. At the same time, skilled telecom riggers are in huge demand. They are well compensated too. In order to become a telecom rigger, one must possess practical knowledge, skills and confidence. This training program will train you in different areas of rigging and telecom system installation.

7 Cell tower technician

Cell tower technicians are supposed to carry out their work at heights. They are hired for inspecting, repairing, installing and configuring cell towers. This is a dangerous profession. Cell tower technicians are trained in areas such as – technical aspects and work safety.

8 Broadband Technician

Broadband technicians are trained to perform tasks such as – surveying the venue, installing new broadband connection, configuring it and repairing/servicing it. If you want to become a broadband technician, you may pursue this training program.

9 Telecom Embedded Hardware Developer

This training program deals with aspects such as – embedded hardware design, systems, development etc. Skilled hardware developers are in huge demand these days.

10 SMT for Telecom Boards

SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology. SMT for Telecom Boards training program is related to telecom manufacturing sector.

11 Telecom PCB

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. This training program deals with Telecom PCB design, planning and development. It falls under the domain of telecom manufacturing.

12 Telecom Network Specialist

This training program deals with networking aspect of telecom engineering. Planning, design, installation, maintenance – these are some of the important tasks carried out by telecom network specialists.

13 Telecom quality technician

Telecom quality technicians inspect telecom networks/systems and search for quality issues. If found, they take further steps to find a remedy and address this issue.

14 Handset Repair Technician

Wireless communication technology has given us mobile phones and smartphones. Repairing these handsets require specialized knowledge. This training program will train you in different areas of handset repair and maintenance.

15 Network Installation Engineer/Technician

This program deals with installation of telecom network. Surveying, best practices, resource management, technical aspects – this training program covers these topics.


Eligibility criteria depends upon factors such as – difficulty level of the training program and type of institute offering the course. Based on these factors, eligibility criteria could be – completed K12 education or completed Associate Degree.

Career Prospects

After completing this course, you will be able to find entry level jobs at telecom firms. Your job profile depends upon the type of training program that you choose. For example, after completing Network Installation course, you may don the role of – Network installation technician.

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  Note: These types of vocational training programs are also available in countries such as – Canada, Australia and UK. In different countries, the names of courses and eligibility criteria may vary slightly from each other.

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