PMP Certification Training in India: Fees, Duration, Scope & More

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Do you want to get PMP Certified? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of PMP Certification.

  Here, you will find everything you need to know about this certification. I’ve covered the following details and topics in this post – what is PMP Certification, who is it for, content and syllabus, exam pattern, fees, institutes, eligibility criteria and scope. In short, all your questions about PMP Certification will be answered here.   Will I get a better job after completing this certification? Can I go for this certification after graduation? Is work experience necessary for pursuing this training program? What’s it scope and value in India? Do employers value this certification?   You will find answers to the above mentioned questions in the next section. Let us start now! In the next section, we will check out basic details about PMP Certification. We will check out what’s it all about and who is regulating this program.

What is PMP Certification?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. Technically, it is a project management certification.   PMP is a professional designation offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). PMI is a non-profit professional organization for project management. PMI is well known for training and developing skilled project managers across the world.   With the aim of improving the standard of project management training, PMI developed numerous credentialing and certification programs.   CAPM, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMI-PBA – these are PMI’s credentialing and certification programs. PMP is one of the most popular certification programs. It is considered to be the gold standard certification across the world.   PMP Certification can work wonders for your career. It can help you get a promotion at work. It can also help you land a better job. In short, this certification is a boon for working professionals. It can give a push to your stalled career.   But how to get this certification? In order to get PMP Certified by the PMI, one must clear the PMP exam. This exam is based on the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge.   Self-learning and preparation can help you crack PMP exam. But PMP training can help speed up the learning process. Many working professionals go for PMP training. The training helps them prepare for the exam in a much better way!   We will check out the exam syllabus and training program in detail. But before that, let us check out the eligibility criteria. Here it is –

Who is it for?

This certification is ideal for professionals operating in the project management sector. For them, PMP Certification can work wonders for their career. If you belong to the following domains, you will benefit from this certification –

  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Project Engineer
  • Assistant Manager

Apart from that, if you want to enter the domain of project managemet, you may rely on this certification! Yes, if you are a working professional aspiring to build a career in project management sector, this certification can be of help to you.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum educational qualification required is – completed High school Diploma or possess Associates Degree or possess Bachelor’s Degree. Both non-graduates and graduates must have undergone 35 hours of project management education.   Having work experience in project management sector is also necessary (5 years or 7500 hours for non-graduates & 3 years or 4500 hours for graduates).   Clearing PMP exam is not an impossible task. But it is not too easy either. Self-preparation and learning can help you crack this exam. But training programs will accelerate the learning process.   Let us take a closer look at PMP training programs. Let us start!

PMP Training in India

If you are serious about cracking PMP exam, you may enrol for PMP training. There exists many institutes that offer PMP training in India. There’s nothing wrong with self-learning. But coaching and training can accelerate the learning process.   PMP training program can speed up your learning process. It will guide you in a much better way. It makes sure that your preparation is heading in the right direction. The training makes sure that your efforts are being channeled properly. For working professionals, who lead a busy life, this guidance can be much valuable.   What’s this training program all about, you may ask. Read on to know more –   PMP exam revolves around five major project management Process Groups and ten project management Knowledge Areas. In order to crack the exam, you must be knowledgeable about these Process Groups and Knowledge Areas. These aspects are defined by the PMBOK Guide.   The training program too focuses on these topics. The Process Groups are –

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing

The ten knowledge areas are –

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

Working professionals and aspirants have different modes of training programs to choose from. Let us check them out!

Different modes of training

In India, PMP training programs are available in modes such as –

  • Regular classroom mode
  • Online mode
  • Part-time/Flexible learning mode

If you are a working professional, you may use online training mode or flexible learning mode to your advantage. When it comes to online learning mode, you may prepare from the comfort of your home!   In this mode, study material will be made available online. One may easily access it with the help of a computer/laptop/smartphone with internet connection.   One may learn at his/her own pace and convenient timings. Such programs have provisions of tracking your progress through evaluation tests.   If you want a traditional learning experience, you may go for regular classroom learning mode. Choose an ideal format based on your requirements. Duration of the training program and training fees may vary, depending upon the learning mode one chooses.


Duration of the training program depends upon the institute in question, learning mode chosen by the student and nature of the training program. 1 month, 2 months, 3 months – most of the training programs can be wrapped up within these time schedules. There also exists fast-track programs.


Training fees depends upon factors such as –

  • Institute
  • Learning mode
  • Nature of the training program
  • Duration of the training program

Based on these factors, a training program can set you back by 5-30K INR.   Let us take a closer look at PMP exam now. Here we go –

PMP Exam: Pattern, Syllabus & Fees

PMP exam is used to gauge a candidate’s proficiency in various domains associated with project management. It gauges a candidate’s knowledge in domains such as –

  • Initiating the project
  • Planning the project
  • Executing the project
  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Closing the project


It is a closed book exam. It consists of 200 multiple choice questions. Out of this, 25 questions are ‘sample questions’ and are not counted while evaluating the candidate’s performance.

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  The percentage of questions from each domain is as follows –

  • Initiating the project – 13%
  • Planning the project – 24%
  • Executing the project – 31%
  • Monitoring and controlling the project – 25%
  • Closing the project – 7%


  • Exam fees with PMI membership – $405
  • Exam fees without PMI membership – $555
  • Re-examination fees for PMI members – $275
  • Re-examination fees for non-members – $375

Scope in India

Employers do give value to PMP Certification in India. Employers looking for project managers give preference to candidates who have this certification. Candidates who possess this certification get to enjoy higher salary

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