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With the advancements in the field of information technology, the ‘online learning’ scenario in India has been improving! Thanks to rapid developments in this field, the number of online courses in India and the number of institutes offering these courses have increased noticeably. In this article, I will be listing out some awesome online courses that Gujarat students can try out.

Before heading out to the main article, let me describe to you some facts and advantages associated with online courses. The main advantage is that such courses are time flexible. Yes, online courses can be pursued from the comfort of one’s own home!


Especially women and working men will find this prospect handy. Working folks, who want to pursue higher education, without compromising on their existing job, can make use of this opportunity. Also, housewives can pursue some job oriented certificate and diploma courses online and make use of the degree earned in the process.

Now, let us start the list. Below mentioned are some of the many online courses that I found on the internet-


Online courses suited for Gujarat students-


#1 Online MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MBA is the most preferred course, when it comes to the online learning scene. After pursuing technical courses like Engineering, many graduates are willing to pursue MBA and hone their management skills.

But many of them are not willing to pursue MBA straight out of the Engineering college. Some of them find the prospect of a job to be too attractive and are seldom interested in leaving it!

For such individuals, online MBA course is a boon! There are so many options available, when it comes to online MBA! One may make use of the many private institutes and universities to pursue this course.


#2 Online homeopathy course

Recently I read articles about online homeopathy courses being offered by private institutes. Most of those courses were 1 year long in duration. At the end of the process, certificate will be provided to successful students.

The course consists of study material, video series (for better practical know-how) and series of tests. One just need to be careful that such courses are pursued from Government approved institutes.


#3 Online Ayurveda courses

To become successful in profession associated with Ayurveda, one has to have exceptional practical knowledge and skills. But let me tell you one thing, the basics of Ayurveda skills and knowledge can be acquired through online courses!

There are many private institutes offering online Ayurveda related courses. Most of them are certificate and diploma courses. Some of them are associated with nutrition, beauty, child care etc. Be it any area of specialization, Ayurveda has lots of potential. Such online courses can be made use of by housewives!


#4 PG Diploma in Food and Technology

This particular course is only meant for folks who are graduates. This PG course is a diploma course. The certificate is useful for getting both private and Government jobs.


#5 Online Law courses

Law is one such field which offers much opportunity in the ‘online learning’ scene. There are many specialization courses associated with Law, which can be done online. Also check out – online courses after 12th.


#6 Online Event management courses

Event management is one such course which can be finished effortlessly! At the same time this course can be pursued from the comforts of one’s home! Yes, this course can be pursued online!

Whichever course you pursue online, make sure that it is being provided by a reputed institute. The institute has to be approved by the respective Government authorities. Doing a bit research about the course/institute will come handy in such circumstances.

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