Occupational Therapy Courses: Which one is the best?

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In this article, you will be reading about the various formats of occupational therapy courses available in India. I’ve mentioned advantages and disadvantages associated with each course format. Using the information provided here, students may analyze each format of course and determine which one suits them.

Occupational Therapy courses available in India

There are 3 main formats available, when it comes to occupational therapy education in India. They are-

  1. Degree courses
  2. Diploma course
  3. Certificate course


Let us check out each format and find out details about those courses-


1 Degree courses

There are two Degree courses available in India, when it comes to occupational therapy. They are-

2 Diploma course

  • Diploma in Occupational Therapy- 3 years long Diploma course.


3 Certificate courses

  • Certificate courses are offered by numerous institutes in India under different names.


Which course is the best?

The best of the lot would be BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy). It is the standard and most widely accepted training program available in India. Career prospects after completing this course is better, when compared to other course formats.


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After BOT comes B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy course. This too is a Bachelor’s Degree program. The course duration is 1 year shorter than BOT course. Still, this one ranks below BOT program.


Then comes the Diploma program. Diploma in Occupational therapy is 3 years long program. But the main disadvantage of this program is that there is a superior version of this course available (BOT). Possessing a Degree is much more valuable than possessing a Diploma. Still, it is very close to B.Sc. Degree, when looking from course content and quality’s point of view.


Note: Postgraduate occupational therapy courses available are- MOT (Master of Occupational Therapy), M.Sc. in Occupational Therapy, PG Diploma courses and PG Certificate courses. Since this article focuses on undergraduate courses, PG courses have not been analyzed here.


Certificate courses have very short course duration. At first, it may look attractive and handy! But one must also understand the fact that such certificate courses are not as detailed as Degree or Diploma versions of the course. This results in compromised career prospects (to some extent). Also, many institutes offering such courses have low quality training sessions (practical and theoretical).

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