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Are you passionate about nursing profession? Are you interested in distance learning programs? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best distance education programs related to nursing.

How’s this article of help to me, you may ask. Well, this article has got something for everyone! Here, I’ve listed down UG, PG and Doctoral level nursing courses!  

  In short – 12th pass, Graduates, Postgraduates – readers belonging to each category will find a relevant nursing distance learning course here! For an exhaustive list of courses, check out this article – list of nursing courses in India.   Nursing is a very popular choice among 12th science biology group students in India. Nursing programs are job oriented in nature. These programs will help you fetch a decent job in healthcare sector.   The most popular nursing course in India is – B.Sc. Nursing. Apart from that, there also exists many job oriented certificate and diploma programs related to nursing. Some such programs are – CRNA, ANM, GNM and DNHE.   For an exhaustive list of courses, check out this guide – nursing courses in India. Come, let us find out more details about this profession and its scope in India.   Nursing is a noble profession. Here are some of the main pros associated with this profession –

  • Opportunity to serve others: As I mentioned before, it is one such profession where you may directly help patients. Nursing involves treating the sick, saving lives and educating people! It is possible to serve people not only at individual level, but also at community level. In short, nurses have the opportunity to serve people and communities.
  • Job satisfaction: It feels great to help patients. Curing and treating them will give you job satisfaction.
  • Decent pay: Nurses who are employed by the government usually get to enjoy a good salary and other additional perks. Most of the reputed private hospitals and clinics too pay their nurses well.
  • It is a wide field: Availability of promising specializations: After completing basic nursing program, numerous advanced nursing programs are available in front of nurses. By pursuing such advanced programs, they may specialize in lucrative disciplines within the healthcare sector. This will definitely give one’s career a boost!
  • Chance to find work abroad: Skilled and qualified nurses are in huge demand abroad. Particularly the developed nations are keen on recruiting skilled Indian nurses. If you want to work abroad, this profession will help you achieve that dream. The pay and perks available in developed nations is much higher than what it is in India.
  • Availability of decent job opportunities: Nurses have ample amounts of job opportunities available in front of them – both government and private sector!
  • Opportunity to uplift the community/society: As I mentioned before, nurses are capable of working at community level. They may take up healthcare initiatives at the community level and bring about a positive change in the society.

Healthcare sector is growing at a healthy pace in India. The need for skilled healthcare professionals is on the rise. It is safe to say that there’s decent scope, in India and abroad, as far as nursing profession is considered.   Let us talk about distance learning programs now. We all know how well developed the distance learning system in India is. It engulfs disciplines such as law, science, education, languages, social science, humanities, healthcare etc. In this article, we will focus on nursing programs only!   Why is distance learning so popular in India, you may ask. Well, distance education programs are quite flexible and convenient for the masses! It is especially very convenient for working professionals.   As we all know, working professionals are busy with their work! They have very little time to spare for PG studies.   But without PG education, they won’t be able to acquire advanced skills! This results stalled promotions and stalled career growth.   The solution to their problem is – distance learning! Through distance education, they may pursue PG courses, without disturbing their job!   Broadly speaking, distance learning programs in India can be classified into three types (Degree-wise). They are –

  • UG (Undergraduate) programs
  • PG (Postgraduate) programs
  • Doctoral programs

While looking from course formats’ point of view, distance learning programs can be classfied into the following main types –

Let us check out nursing programs available in each course format. Here they are –

List of Nursing Distance Learning Programs in India

1 Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing
  • Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing
  • Certificate in Home Based Healthcare
  • Certificate in Healthcare Waste Management

2 Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Nursing Administration
  • Diploma in Critical Care Nursing

3 Bachelor’s Degree Courses

4 PG Diploma Courses

  • PG Diploma in HIV Medicine
  • PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management
  • PG Diploma in Maternal and Child Health
  • PG Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

5 Doctoral Degree Courses

  • PhD in Nursing

Some of the programs mentioned above are not directly related to nursing. But they are paramedical or allied healthcare courses.   If you are interested in nursing profession, these programs will be of help to you. Choose a relevant course and apply for admission!

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