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Education holds a great importance in the lives of the students of our country. When you have a proper education, you will have a better shot at making the best out of your lives. To have a nice career is the dream of any student and that is only possible if they have a higher education.

This is one of the main reasons why students in the country go for higher education from the colleges and universities of India. There are many different colleges and universities in our country that strive to provide the benefits of higher education to our students. From Bachelor’s degree to post-graduation courses in the fields of Science, Commerce, and Arts, the educational institutes are always trying to impart knowledge and education to the students who deserve it.   It is essential for a student to have the right to study the course that they want to so that they can achieve their goal and make a great success out of their lives. So, if you have completed your graduation, then you can go for the post-graduation courses that are offered by these institutes.   Today we are going to talk about one such professional course that the students from the science sector can choose in order to have a bright career in that field. Let us read on ahead to find out more about the course that we all know as MDS course or the Master of Dental Science.

Details About The MDS Course

For those who don’t know the details about the course, the MDS or the Master of Dental Science is basically a postgraduate dentistry program that the students opt for in order to know a bit more about the Oral surgery that involves the surgical procedures, treatment, diagnosis, defects in the human jaw and other important factors that are related to this particular field of study.   Even the facial and the oral structures are a part of it. The people who opt for the course are the ones who want to make it big in the fields of dental science and want to learn in details about the illnesses, the imperfections, the wounds, and other things that surround the area of the head and the jaw.   This course is about 3-years long and it is a professional course after which the students will have the chance to apply for the different fields such as hospitals, research centers, dental clinics, educational organizations on the posts of dentists, researchers, professors, and others. It is based on the experience and knowledge of the students that will decide their salaries on their respective posts.   This course is one of the most popular ones that we could find as people from all over the country are opting for it. Every year, thousands of students apply for the MDS course and are selected on the basis of entrance examinations to get an admission to the top colleges and educational institutes all over the country. If you are someone who has recently completed your education and wants to know a bit more about the dental surgery subject, then this course will be a great option for you, to be honest.   In this article, we will talk about the MDS course and all the other details that are attached to it. It is essential for the students who are applying for the course to know a bit more about the important facts such as the eligibility criteria, the syllabus, the registration process, and other important things. So, this article will provide you with every single piece of information that you might need in your path to apply for and study the MDS course. Start reading to know more, people.

Eligibility Criteria For The MDS Course

Students from all over the country strive to have an admission to the different medical colleges in India. This is one of the main reasons why people apply for the MDS course in the first place. However, one thing that the students need to keep in mind is that they need to fulfill the eligibility criteria that are required from the candidates.   Any student who is not eligible to apply for the course will have their application rejected by the governing institution. So, it is of great importance that the students understand the eligibility criteria for the candidates. Here, we have provided some of the details about the course for the students who need to know whether they are eligible to apply or not. Have a look below to understand the eligibility criteria for MDS course in different colleges and institutions.

  • The students need to be physically and mentally sound in order to take the MDS course and should not suffer from any long-term illness. The institutions are very particular about this criterion as it is a professional course that deserves the attention of each and every single student that applies.
  • If the student is not an Indian or is a foreign student then they need to make sure that they have a temporary registration in their name from the Dental Council of India for they start to apply for the course. They need to have the registration for the entire duration the course and without that, they won’t be allowed to apply for the course in the desired institution.
  • There is a certain age limit for the students and that is of 21 years. The students that are selected for the course are done so on the basis of the merit and the performance that they show on the different entrance examinations that happen for different institutions. The most common entrance test for the course is the AICET or the All India Common Entrance Test and the marks from these tests are taken into account by the different governing Dental colleges and institutions that are in India.
  • There is a qualification restriction for the course as well. The minimum qualification that is required for the course is that the students need to have completed their Bachelor of Dental Science program. If by any chance the candidate does not have that qualification then they need to complete their MBBS degree first. Also, students need to get the approval of the Dental Council of India in order to be considered as eligible to apply for the course.

It is mandatory for the students to be eligible for the course so that they can apply. If a candidate fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria, they will be allowed to apply for the course.

Syllabus For The MDS Course

There is certainly no doubt that MDS is one of the most popular and important courses that the students apply. The main aim of the course is to make sure that the students get a chance to make a bright career out of this course.   So, for those who are interested in applying for the course, it is important to be prepared. Knowing the syllabus will be a great help in that. The syllabus will tell the students a lot about the topics that will be covered in the course. This will also help them in their preparation.   The subjects and papers are divided into groups for the students to know what to expect. With a proper knowledge of these subjects, the students can be all prepared for the course.   Branch I

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Applied Basic Sciences
  • Minor Oral Surgery and Trauma
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Recent Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Branch II

  • Periodontics
  • Applied Basic Sciences
  • Etiopathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases
  • Diagnosis, Treatment, Preventive Periodontology and Implantology
  • Recent Advances in Periodontics

Branch III

  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Applied Basic Sciences
  • Conservative Dentistry including Preventive dentistry and Dental Materials
  • Endodontics
  • Recent Advances in Conservative Dentistry

Branch IV

  • Oral Pathology
  • Applied Basic Sciences
  • Oral Pathology, Oral Microbiology & Forensic Odontology
  • Laboratory and Histopathological Techniques
  • Recent Advances in Oral Pathology

Branch V

  • Orthodontics
  • Applied Basic Sciences
  • Growth and Development, Basics in orthodontics, Diagnosis & Radiology
  • Bio-Mechanics & Various Orthodontics Tissue Changes, Techniques & Treatment Planning
  • Recent Advances in Orthodontics

Lessons in the course curriculum are imparted in the form of the following:

  • Didactic Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Demonstrations
  • Laboratory Techniques
  • Clinical Case Conference
  • Structured Lecture Programs
  • Joint Clinical Meetings with Allied Specialties
  • Weekly Journal Clubs
  • Submission of Dissertation Thesis, Models, Radiographs and Photographs
  • Practical Sessions under Teachers’ Supervision
  • The students will undertake the laboratory work for the patients who are under their treatment.

For a bright future in the dental science sectors, thousands of students apply for the MDS courses every year. In a world where information is very essential, getting to know even a little bit about any course is like a gift. Here you will get all the details about the MDS courses that are offered in the country. Read this post and you will be able to successfully apply and study the course to have a very good career in the field of dental science.

Details About Applying For The MDS Course In Different Institutions

It is essential for the students who want to apply for the MDS Courses in the different colleges to fill the registration form and pay the fees that are due right on time. Candidates need to follow the schedule that is provided to make sure that they don’t miss out on the registration form submission dates.   The official website of the colleges and institutes will be releasing the registration form along with the link from which the students can register. All they have to do is visit the link and fill out the registration form with their essential details and it is done. For a detailed walk-through, we have some important things to mention about the MDS Course registration form.   It is through the offline and online mode that the students will be able to fill out the form. The candidates are to keep this in mind that there is no way for them to correct the form once they have applied for the registration. So, they need to make sure that they fill out the form carefully. For those who want the details, we have them for you right here. The registration form for the students will be available to them from an online link. From there, the students will have an access to the registration form.   The interested candidates need to visit the link in order to make sure that they have successfully entered the site for the registration procedure.

  • The details that are mentioned in the information panel of the website should be filled up by the candidates in order to register successfully. They need to provide details such as their name, mobile number, email ID, address and other important details.
  • The students will also have to upload a copy of some scanned pictures such as the photo, the signature, age proof certificate, and also the photos of their educational qualification certificates
  • After that, the students have to make the payment of the registration fee that is mentioned on the link for the form to be submitted successfully
  • After the submission of the form, the registration number of the student will be created

It is really important that the students do not miss these important steps that are required for the proper registration. If by any chance there is any mistake and it is discovered by the governing organization, then the application will be rejected by the institution. So, it is essential that the students fill out their application form very carefully.

Fees For The MDS Courses

Different organizations have different procedures for paying the registration fees for the course. The students need to make sure that they have all the important information regarding the fees of the course.   The candidates are allowed to pay the fees through online and offline mode. So, the students need to pay the exact amount for their registration. However, the candidate should keep in mind is that the registration fees are neither transferable nor refundable. It is also to be noted that the registration fee for the candidates may vary from one institute to another. For some more light into the subject, we could tell you that the fees may range from Rs.15 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs.

Know A Bit More About The Entrance Exams For The MDS Courses

It is important for the students to know about the examination pattern of the entrance exam for MDS course. For the students to have an idea about the format of the examination, the exam pattern is really important. So, here have some of the important details regarding the exam pattern of MDS Course entrance exam. It is requested from the candidates that they pay close attention to this section to know more about the important details of the examination such as the marking system and the type of questions as well.

  • The total duration of the exam is about 2 hours
  • The total number of questions asked is 200
  • Students have to answer each question correctly as there are negative marks in some of them

Details About The Results Of MDS Entrance Exams

For the results, the students need to go to the official website of the entrance examination. After going there, the students will have to enter the necessary information to see their results. The candidates are also requested to make sure that they take a printout of the result.

  • The results of the examination will be declared by the officials and the students will be able to view it on the website.
  • The candidates are also required to bring their scorecard and the result with them during the time of the admission.

Top Colleges That Are Offering The MDS Courses

There are many different colleges that offer the students with an opportunity to study the different MDS courses that they offer. However, there are some colleges that are well-known for their skills, curriculum, educational reach and everything else. It is for sure that the students who get an admission to these colleges and institutes will have a very bright career.

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  So, it is really important for the students to know where these colleges are. Here we are going to provide a list of names of the top educational institutions that offer the MDS course to the students from all over the country.

  1. Army College of Dental Sciences, Secunderabad
  2. B R S Dental College & Hospital, Panchkula
  3. Bhojia Dental College & Hospital, Solan
  4. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital, Patna
  5. Gitam Dental College & Hospital, Visakhapatnam
  6. Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Haryana
  7. Manubhai Patel Dental College & Charitable Dental Hospital, Vadodara
  8. Patna Dental College, Patna
  9. Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences (SIDS), Guntur
  10. Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery & Hospital (SSCDS), Hyderabad


With the help of all the above-mentioned details, the students will be able to get an admission to the colleges and institutes that offer the MDS courses in the curriculum. There is no doubt that MDS is a very useful professional course and the students who go for it will be able to have a very bright career in the fields of Dental Science, research, and lot other things.

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