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Are you an MBA aspirant from the UK? If yes, this article will be of help to you! Here, I’ve listed down some of the best MBA programs available in the UK.

Other than UK locals, this article will also be of help to International students. We all know that UK is a very popular choice among International students. These are the main reasons responsible for its popularity –

  • Competitive curriculum
  • Availability of reputed Institutes and Universities
  • Chance to settle down in Belgium/Europe
  • Chance to experience the culture and lifestyle
  • Experienced faculty
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Opportunity to work part-time

MBA is a very popular choice among UK graduates. It is not uncommon to see them pursuing an MBA for gaining a promotion at work or improving their career’s trajectory!   Are you still not convinced about the usefulness of an MBA? I’ve got many other reasons to highlight its importance. Here they are –

Managerial/administrative jobs are financially well rewarding. An MBA can help you build a dream career in the management sector!   Reports show that employers are keen on recruiting candidates with management skills. Irrespective of the nature of the job, employers want employees to have basic management skills. Such candidates are highly valued and rewarded by recruiters!   A Bachelor’s Degree will help give direction and shape to your career. But a Master’s Degree like an MBA will help broaden the career prospects. It will open new doors of opportunities in front of you!

The UK has an excellent Business and Corporate environment. It is home to some of the biggest MNCs, Brands and Businesses. In short, the ground is very fertile for management professionals!   The startup scene in UK is also pretty impressive. Management professionals have ample amount of job opportunities available in front of them. If they choose the path of entrepreneurship, they’ll get loads of opportunities.   An MBA can help you climb up the corporate ladder steadily. If you choose entrepreneurship, an MBA can help you become a good leader and manager. Both these qualities are essential, when it comes to running a business or company.   Before heading to the meat of the matter – best MBA programs in UK – let us check out the different course formats available there. Here they are –  

Course Formats

In UK, MBA programs are available in the following formats –

  1. Regular Classroom MBA
  2. Distance education MBA
  3. Online MBA
  4. Executive MBA
  5. Fast track MBA

Based on your current employment status/other factors, you may choose a relevant MBA format. For example, if you are a working professional and don’t want to quit your job for the sake of an MBA, you may go for Distance or Online learning modes!   Distance and Online MBA programs will let you carry on with your work. You may access the course material from the comfort of your home at timings convenient for you!   Similarly, if you want to wrap up MBA program pretty quickly, you may enroll for fast track program. Fast track programs are known for their short course duration!   Tuition fees may vary from one course format to another. The course content may also vary slightly from one format to another.   For example, regular classroom lecture will consist more of books and notes. Online learning program will consist more of multimedia content.   Without wasting any more time, let us check out the list of best MBA programs in UK. Here they are –

Best Low Cost MBA Programs in UK

1 MBA in HR Management

HRM is here to stay! As long as companies recruit and employ personnel, HR managers will be in demand! Companies hire skilled HR managers to take care of tasks such as recruitment, employee development, training & retention, performance analysis, compensation and rewarding.

2 MBA in Marketing Management

In order to sell goods and services, businesses need an effective marketing strategy. They depend on skilled marketing managers to develop, test and execute marketing campaigns and strategies. In short, skilled marketing managers will always be in demand!

3 MBA in Digital Marketing

Thanks to the advent of IT and Digital Technology, Digital Marketing has become very important. Sectors such as Digital Media, Online Branding and E-Commerce have opened doors to new opportunities!   In order to remain competitive in Digital Age, companies need skilled Digital Marketers. This relatively new MBA specialization is here to stay and will generate more job opportunities in the future!

4 MBA in IT

IT (Information Technology) plays a key role in our day to day lives. We use IT systems for purposes such as healthcare, education, governance, entertainment and shopping!   MBA in IT program is well known for churning out IT managers. IT managers are hired by IT firms and allied companies to take manage IT projects.

5 MBA in Travel and Tourism Management

UK has a thriving travel and tourism industry. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit NZ!   If you want to build a career in travel and tourism sector, this academic program will be of help to you!

6 MBA in Finance Management

Why do companies hire finance managers? Finance managers ensure that there is good cash flow. They take care of strategic management and monetary decisions. They play a crucial role in ensuring the operational health of a company.   Skilled finance managers will always be in demand!

7 MBA in Business Analytics

Data, if analyzed properly, can work wonders for a company! Business analytics mainly deals with data analytics and statistical methods!   Business analytics uses a set of metrics to investigate and study the past performance of a company. The conclusion can be used to formulate strategy and plans for the company’s future!

8 MBA in Healthcare management

Healthcare sector is growing at a healthy pace in UK. In order to ensure healthcare system’s smooth functioning, we need skilled healthcare managers!

9 MBA in Media Management

Media managers are recruited by newspapers, Digital media firms, Internet media firms, Publishing firms etc. Media – traditional and new age – is here to stay. As long as it stays, skilled media managers will always be in demand!

10 MBA in Aviation Management

Aviation industry is doing decently well in UK. Around the globe, this sector is doing well. It generates ample job opportunities. Aviation management professionals are hired by Airlines, travel and tourism firms.

11 MBA in Operations Management

Operations managers are usually hired by manufacturing firms. An Operation manager is capable of taking care of day-to-day operations related to manufacturing, inventory management and quality control.

12 MBA in Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure managers are skilled in areas such as project management, finance management, construction management, legal aspects and HRM. They are usually hired by realty firms, infrastructure developers and real estate firms.

13 MBA in International Business

Keeping globalization in mind, it is safe to say that employers will prefer managers who have knowledge about Global business practices. This is where a Degree like MBA in International Business comes handy! This program will make you a manager capable of handling international business operations.

14 MBA in Event Management

Event management is getting more and more creative. Event management firms are looking for skilled managers who also have that streak of creativity in them!

15 MBA in Hospitality Management

Hospitality sector is closely tied with other domains such as – aviation, travel and tourism, hotel management etc. It is a sector that is growing at a steady pace!   The hospitality sector needs skilled managers who are capable of operating in domains such as travel & tourism, hotel management, aviation etc.   Hospitality sector is here to stay. Its demand will only increase in the near future. In short, it is safe to say that this sector will generate ample amount of job opportunities in the future!

16 MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics is a part of Supply Chain. It primarily deals with ensuring the efficient flow of goods, services or information from the point of origin to the point of consumption.   Consider your nearest vegetable market as an example. The goods (vegetables) come from remote locations to the market. Goods (vegetables) are grown in farms and then transported to the market by goods carriers.   The chain gets completed when the vegetable (goods) reaches you (the customer). As long as consumers exist, Supply chain sector is here to stay!

17 MBA in Taxation

This discipline is related to other domains such as investment, banking and finance. Big businesses and corporate firms generate so much revenue that the tax payable by them adds up to a huge number! This is where tax management comes handy!   MBA in Taxation professionals are usually hired by corporate firms, MNCs, Businesses and Consultancies. After completing this course, you may even start your own tax consultancy!

18 MBA in Retail Management

The retail sector has been around us for quite some time now! And this field shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, this sector is growing at a healthy rate!   Retail Management consists of aspects such as – supply chain management, retail economics, HR management, retail finance and inter-department coordination.   Skilled retail managers are hired by retail firms, supply chain firms, logistics firms and consultancies.

19 MBA in Shipping Management

Technically, shipping management is a part of logistics and supply chain management. But shipping sector has evolved so much that it has its own set of problems, procedures, technical aspects and laws.   This is the main reason why MBA in Shipping Management has emerged as a discipline of its own! This course will train you in areas such as – shipping laws, international business laws, maritime laws and port management.   MBA in Shipping Management professionals are usually hired by shipping agencies, logistics firms, supply chain firms and port trusts.

20 MBA in Airport Management

Who is responsible for supervising day-to-day operations taking place in an airport? Yes, a team of skilled airport managers are responsible for this task.   An airport employs a wide variety of professionals to handle the following tasks – security, ground duty (cargo, passenger handling etc), customer service, ticketing etc. An airport manager is supposed to look after these professionals. He/she must make sure that there’s inter-department coordination.

21 MBA in Agribusiness Management

Agribusiness, as the name suggests, combines concepts of agriculture and business management. We all know how agricultural engineering has improved agricultural productivity by combining aspects of both agriculture and technology.   Similarly, Agribusiness is aimed at improving agricultural profitability by combining aspects of agriculture and business management. In short, this discipline is about applying concepts of business management in order to boost agricultural profitability.

22 MBA in Branding

In this age of cut-throat competition, branding has become necessary for the survival of any business! Branding deals with developing a distinct/unique image of a company/organization that sets them apart from their rivals!   Branding makes extensive use of advertising and marketing. A skilled brand manager is capable of planning, developing and executing branding campaigns for big, medium and small sized businesses.   Branding, if done properly, can work wonders for the fortune of a business. It can result in increased sales, increase in profit and customer base.

23 MBA in Energy Management

If there’s one thing that will never run out of demand, it has to be Energy! We are so dependent on energy that it is very hard to imagine a day without it!   Energy management is an exciting and challenging field. We are largely dependent on non-renewable sources of energy such as – Oil, Natural Gas and Coal. Soon, we will run out of these resources.   This is the main reason why we have shifted our attention towards alternative, renewable sources of energy. This means that there exists new opportunities and challenges in this field (energy management).

24 MBA in Entrepreneurship

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Or are you all set to inherit your family’s business? Whatever the case may be, MBA in Entrepreneurship program will be of help to you!   This program will help develop leadership and business management skills in you. These skills will help you work on a startup or expand your existing family business!

25 MBA in Fashion Merchandising

Do you have good business acumen? Are you passionate about fashion? This deadly combo can help you build a good career in fashion merchandising sector!   It is a promising sector and has got huge potential for growth in future. Fashion merchandising consists of aspects such as – fashion exhibition, fashion retailing, fashion communication and finance management.

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26 General MBA

If you are keen on acquiring basic business management skills, a general MBA program will be of help to you! This program focuses on core management subjects such as – business management, organizational behaviour, HR management, marketing and finance.   A general MBA Degree is enough to land managerial jobs in MNCs, Corporate firms and businesses. Using the knowledge acquired through the course, you may even start your own business!   Also read – MBA in USA, MBA in Canada & MBA in Germany.

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