Best IT & ITES Vocational Training Courses in the USA

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Skill development plays an important role in our lives. Developing the right set of skills can help one get employed! For developing meaningful skills, one can rely on vocational training programs. In the USA, you will find skill development programs belonging to different trades/domains/industries. In this post, I’ve listed down some of the best IT and ITES vocational courses in the USA.

Most of these vocational courses are short-term training programs. They generally last for a period of 2-6 months. These courses are job oriented in nature. They will help you get a decent job in IT and ITES domain.   The courses covered in this post caters to the needs of IT & ITES sector. By pursuing these courses, you will be able to develop relevant IT skills and knowledge. These very skills can later help you get employed in IT and ITES sector.   Vocational education has gained huge popularity in the USA. In recent years, many vocational training institutes have been popping-up around the USA. These institutes are known to offer different types of vocational training courses such as – certification programs, diploma programs, advanced certifications, advanced diploma, workshops etc.   Here are some salient features of these courses –

  • Short-term training
  • Helps develop industry-specific skills
  • Training program adheres to industry standards
  • Availability of different levels (beginner to advanced level)
  • Flexible learning hours and format (part-time and online learning)
  • Adds value to your CV

Before heading to the meat of the matter – list of IT and ITES vocational training courses – let us check out some basic details about IT sector. Here it is –   IT stands for Information Technology. It deals with storage, processing, retrieval, manipulation and transfer of data/information. In order to perform these tasks, we rely on IT systems.   A simple IT system consists of equipment/medium for storage, transfer and processing of data. Software, hardware, computing system and network – these things form the base of an IT system.   ITES stands for Information Technology Enabled Service. We rely on IT for various purposes such as – banking, education, governance, shopping, commercial activities, healthcare etc. IT is powering different types of businesses and services.   IT and ITES vocational training programs deal with different areas of IT such as – networking, hardware, software, data processing, analytics, BPO processes etc. Come, let us check out the list of training programs. Here it is –

List of IT & ITES vocational training programs in the USA

1 Web Developer Training

This training program is also known by other names such as web designer training, web architect training, website designing training etc. This program deals with various aspects of web designing.   HTML, PHP, CSS, hosting, graphic design – this program will train you in these areas. After completing training, you will be able to perform tasks such as – design and develop websites, maintain websites, host them etc.

2 CRM Associate

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM Associate training program deals with topics such as – CRM software, data collection, data processing, computer application, internet technology etc. After completing this course, you will be able to find work at firms operating in IT and ITES firms.

3 IT Help Desk Assistant

This training program deals with aspects such as – help desk software, communication skills, troubleshooting techniques, knowledgebase, ticketing software etc. After completing this training program, you will be able to find work in BPO, IT and ITES sectors.

4 Data Entry Training

This training program deals with topics such as – computer application, internet technology, communication skills, data processing, data storage etc.

5 IT Infrastructure Technician Training

This training program deals with IT infrastructure architecture. IT and ITES firms deal with IT service request from customers. MNCs, Offices, Businesses – even they have to attend to IT service requests. After completing this training program, you will be able to attend to IT service requests remotely.

6 Software Developer Training

As the name suggests, this training program deals with various aspects of software development. The training program covers topics such as – software development, programming languages, software testing etc.

7 Hardware and Networking Training

IT system consists of computers, relevant hardware, software and network. Hardware and networking program deals with topics such as – relevant hardware (example – router), software, network installation, testing, maintenance etc. After completing this training program, you may don roles such as – networking technician, hardware technician etc.


Eligibility criteria depends upon factors such as – difficulty level of the training program and type of institute offering the course. Based on these factors, eligibility criteria could be – completed K12 education or completed Associate Degree.

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Career Prospects

After completing any of the above mentioned vocational training programs, you will be able to find a decent entry level job at firms operating in IT and ITES sector. Nowadays, IT plays an important role in sectors such as banking, retail, education, transport etc. IT technicians will be able to find employment in these allied areas too! You may also check – Agriculture and Telecom vocational training in USA.

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