Investment Banking Courses in India

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We all know the importance of getting a higher education. This is one of the reasons why people consider enlisting themselves for the different courses to ensure that they have a bright future and career. These courses are the shots that people have in order to make a career out of their lives. By giving the different entrance exams and scoring high, the candidates can get an admission to some of the top colleges and institutions. Some of the most popular courses till now in the country are the investment banking courses.   Many institutions and colleges strive to create an opportunity for the students to enroll themselves for these courses and have a chance to build a bright career ahead. This is one of the reasons why the Investment Banking courses in India are so much popular and people from all over the country want to have an admission to these courses. Let’s get to know a little bit more about these courses.

Knowing More About The Investment Banking Courses

The investment banking courses are one of the most popular courses that people have to take in order to have a bright career and future. There are many educational institutions, colleges, and universities that have these courses for the students.  The main aim for these courses is to provide the students an opportunity to learn in one of the best centers for excellent education in the field of investment banking and financial management so that they can be experienced and educated professionals in the future.   There are many different institutions where the investment banking courses are provided for the students. These courses have been provided in the universities and colleges in places like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and many other locations that are responsible for providing quality education to the students.  One of the best things about these courses is the wide range of career opportunities that open up for the students after they finish the course. This is something that makes these courses very popular in the education industry.

Some Of The Best Investment Courses In India Just For You

It is really important for the students to know exactly what they are going to be studying and where. So, for them, knowing the different investment banking courses is really important. For that reason, we are here to provide some important details on the different investment banking courses that are available in India.


The National Stock Exchange was the first to launch this examination which was meant to be an online mode of examination for the students who want to have an idea about the Financial Marketing. The entire aim of the course is to make sure that essential information and skills are passed on to the students in order to increase the service quality in the sector of investment banking.   So, this is one of the most important courses for the people this time. Many students and candidates from all over the country want to apply for the certification program by scoring high in the examination.

Career Prospects

Portfolio Managers, Stock analysts, and the different employees of the sub-brokers and the brokers are some of the career opportunities that can be useful after the completion of the investment banking courses in India. Also, there are some other career prospects as well. The professionals will get a big boost in their career after enhancing their knowledge and their skills with the help of these courses that are provided to them in the business school, institutions, and universities. This can be a great help for them as this particular course will also encourage the students to go for the best career in investment banking and finance.

Details About The Course

The modules of the certification are then divided into different groups and categories which are the Foundation category, the Intermediate category, and the Advanced category. These modules cater to the demands and the requirements of the professionals that have different levels of education, information, and expertise. Each one of these modules is perfect with the certain specific areas that can be used to enhance the skills and the expertise of the candidates.

  • The Date of The Examination: The students and the candidates have to go through an examination to be considered as eligible for the course. So, it is no doubt that this examination is going to be a pretty important one. The students will be able to enroll for the online certification and then schedule the examination anytime in the year.
  • The Eligibility Criteria: As far as the eligibility criteria go, there are no specific indications to that in order to enroll for the course. However, the students should have a fluency in their English and also have a thorough knowledge of computers. Other than this, there is no specific indication for any experience or knowledge for enrolling in the course and giving the examination.

Some Other Details

Before the institutionalism of the NISM certification, the modules in the NCFM certification had the knowledge standards through which the professionals were measured and could choose their respective careers in the field of investment banking.   The main aim of these courses is to impart experience and knowledge in the specific areas of the financial sector so that the professionals could have the experience in the sector that they are working in. There are certainly no age restrictions and qualification restrictions for being eligible to apply for the course. But the students need to sit for the examination within six months after they completed the registration. If by any chance, the students fail to sit for the exam in the designated time, their registration will be canceled by the governing institution.   There are a total of 60 questions that are asked in the examination and all of them are objective questions or multiple choice questions. The students need to know that there is negative marking in these questions and they have to answer very carefully so that they don’t answer any questions incorrectly. The marks that they have to obtain in order to pass the examination are about 50% of the marks. This totally depends on the chosen module. Also, another important thing to notice in here is the validity of the certificate and that lasts for about 5 years.

FLIP (Finitiatives Learning India Pvt Ltd) Certification

The certification for FLIP is offered by one of the leading names in the professional employment firms that are in India. The firm deals directly with financial and banking services and provides one of the best investment banking courses in India. The institute is known for providing the best courses in investment banking through e-learning and also provides certification for these courses.   This is one of the reasons why the courses here are so popular amongst the professionals who want a career in investment banking. The major advantage of the course is that it will provide the students with an opportunity to make an astonishing career in the field of investment banking.

Career Prospects

The main interest for the investment banking courses in India is to provide the candidates and professionals with skills and knowledge on the finance and investment banking sector. This is the reason why this course from FLIP gets all the attention that it wants. There is a certain examination that the students need to go through in order to be eligible for the course. After the completion of the course and FLIP certification program, the students will see a wide range of career prospects in the investment banking sector.

  • The Date Of Examination: The FLIP certification exam is one of the most important steps that the students need to take in order to enroll for the course. After the completion of the registration process, the students can schedule an exam for getting an admission to the course. It is only after clearing this exam that the students will be able to study the different courses that they offer in the FLIP certification program.
  • The Eligibility Criteria: When it comes to the eligibility criteria, there are no specific indications for that. However, since the course in an online-based one, the students need to have a thorough knowledge of the computer and have a fluency in the English language. Apart from that, there are no qualification restrictions or age limit for this course.

Some Other Details

For acquiring the FLIP certification after the completion of the course, the students have to sit for the qualifying exam that happens in the 64 centers in India. The total duration of the examination is about 120 minutes and all the questions asked will be Multiple Choice Questions and the Application based questions. There is negative marking in some of the questions so the students need to make sure that they are pretty cautious when answering the questions so that they don’t answer anything incorrectly.

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  All the major players in the investment banking sectors recognize the importance of this certification. Hence enrolling for the course and getting the FLIP certification will be a great career boost for the students.

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