Interior Design After Engineering or Graduation

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Have you completed engineering studies? Are you interested in the field of interior designing? Do you want to take up interior designing seriously and make it your profession? If yes is the answer, this article will be of help to you. In this article, I’ve provided details about interior designing courses, which you can pursue after completing engineering. Apart from that, I’ve also discussed some possibilities and opportunities available in front of engineering graduates.

The Question: Why Choose Interior Design?

Why do you want to take up interior designing seriously now? Why pursue it after completing engineering? Answers could be many. I know that many of you out there took up engineering coming under pressure (peer and parent’s pressure). In such cases, the true passion/interest of the student could be something else (interior designing, in cases of readers of this article).


Apart from that, some graduates are creative and have an inclination towards interior design. Remember, interior design is one such field where one may get really creative. One can express his/her creativity through interior design work.


After completing engineering education, they have ample amount of time in their hands! This, along with the creativity and immense scope involved in interior design, lures many engineering graduates towards this field. In some other cases, the graduate could be just curious about the field of interior designing. He/she may just want to know the basics of this field and pursue it as a hobby (part time or recreational activity).


Whatever the reason may be, it is a good thing to pursue the thing that you are really passionate about. But before considering making the switch (engineering to interior design), you may want to take some aptitude tests and self assessment sessions. Such tests and sessions will help you find answer to the below mentioned question.


The Question: Should You?

If you are really passionate about the field of interior design and want to turn it into a profession, you must seriously consider taking help of aptitude and self assessment tests. It would be better to know whether you ‘got what it takes’ to succeed in this field, before taking the plunge.


After getting the green light from aptitude or self assessment test, one may pursue any of the below mentioned interior design courses. If you want to acquire some serious design skills, consider pursuing relevant Degree course.


If you are just curious to know more about this field and acquire the basic skills, go ahead and pursue any of the certificate courses mentioned below.


Okay, let me list down some possibilities available in front of engineering graduates.



Technically, engineering graduates (or graduates from any other discipline) are eligible to pursue Degree, Diploma or Certificate level interior design courses.


After completing Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design (or relevant graduation course), they may even pursue advanced courses like Master Degree courses, PG Diploma courses and PG Certificate courses related to the field of interior designing.


The advantage of pursuing such professional courses is that it helps one acquire advanced knowledge and skills related to the field of interior design. Such courses also helps one specialize in disciplines within the field of interior design.


Some prominent courses are –

  • B.Des. (Bachelor of Design) Interior Design
  • BA Interior Design
  • B.Sc. Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Architecture and Interior Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Architecture and Interior Design
  • Certificate in Interior Design
  • Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration


Note: Not all professional interior design courses have been listed above. For an exhaustive list, check this article out- Interior Design courses after 12th. It will provide you with an exhaustive list of relevant courses, basic details about the courses and career prospects associated with them.


BA and B.Sc. course formats are 3 years long (each). Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) course is 4 years long. Bachelor of Architecture and Interior Design course is 5 years long. Bachelor of Interior Design offered by CEPT University is 5 years long.


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On the other hand, Diploma courses are generally 1-3 years long. Certificate courses generally last for a period of 6-12 months.

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