Intellectual Property Rights & Patent Laws Courses

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Hi! In this article, I’ve listed down some of the best Intellectual Property Rights and Patent management courses available in India. The academic programs mentioned here belong to PG (Postgraduate) level.

  Intellectual Property and Patent Management courses are ideal PG programs for LL.B. graduates. Apart from them, graduates hailing from other disciplines are also eligible to pursue these courses.

Intellectual Property: Introduction & Details

Intellectual Property Rights is a vast domain. Looking from the point of view of law, it consists of aspects such as – IP management, IP rights, IP laws, IP protection etc.   In simple terms, Intellectual Property refers to the creations of mind. For example – creations, artistic work, literary work, designs, symbols, names and images.   Unlike ‘tangible’ and traditional property such as land, house, ornaments etc, IP is intangible! It can’t be sized up and felt physically!   If it is intangible and is a creation of mind, how can one protect it? How can one establish one’s ownership and rights over such intangible creations? This is where IP laws come handy!   An Intellectual Property is protected in law by patents, copyrights and trademarks. These are different types of intellectual property! If you are a writer, you may have copyright rights over your literary work. This will help establish your rights and ownership over your literary works. Also check – LL.M. Degree.   Copyright is usually associated with artistic and literary work. Patents are usually associated with scientific inventions. Trademark is usually associated with marks, symbols and logos. Also check – law courses in India.

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  Come, let us check out the list of courses now. Here they are –

Intellectual Property and Patent Laws Courses

In this article, I’ve mentioned academic programs belonging to two levels –

  • PG (Postgraduate)
  • Doctoral Degree

Let us check them out. Here they are –

1 PG Courses

  • LL.M. (IP Laws)
  • LL.M. (IP Laws and Patent Management)
  • PG Certificate in Patent Practice
  • PG Diploma in IP Rights

2 Doctoral Degree Courses

  • PhD in IP Rights


  • LL.M. programs usually last for 1 year.
  • PG Certificate programs usually last for 6-12 months.
  • PG Diploma programs usually last for 12 months.


  • LL.M.: Candidates who have completed LL.B. or 5 years long Integrated Law course are eligible to pursue this course. Minimum aggregate marks required could be anywhere between 50-55% marks.
  • PG Certificate courses: Completed relevant Bachelor’s Degree course.
  • PG Diploma courses: Completed relevant Bachelor’s Degree course.
  • PhD program: Completed relevant Master’s Degree course.
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