Top Information Security Courses in USA After High School & College

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Many Universities in USA are well known for their Information Security programs. If you are an Information Security education aspirant in USA, this article will be of help to you! Here, I’ve listed down some of the best data security programs available in USA.

  In USA, information security programs are available at the following levels –

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Doctoral Degree

In this article, I’ve listed down courses belonging to each level. School pass outs, College students and Research candidates – everyone will find a relevant course in this article!   Before heading to the meat of the matter – best information security courses in USA – let us check out some basic details about this sector. Here they are –   IT deals with creation, manipulation, storage, retrieval and transmission of data/information. We use IT systems and services to perform the above mentioned tasks.   IT sector has grown tremendously over the past few years. Such is its extent of growth that we’ve become dependent on IT systems for important activities. For example, we rely on IT systems for purposes such as – banking, education, entertainment, Governance, business etc.   As I mentioned before, IT systems and services handle large amount of data/information. They store, retrieve and transmit data.   Is this data secure on IT systems? Well, if it is taken care of by a skilled Information security professional, the data will remain safe. If not managed properly, the data can get leaked and fall into the wrong hands!   The safety of information/data is of utmost importance to IT enabled firms, services and systems. Data loss, leakage and theft are some of the common problems faced by them.   In order to prevent loss/theft/leak of data, IT systems must be made as secure as possible. This is where the services of a skilled Information security professional comes handy! You may also check – SAT preparation.   A skilled information security professional is knowledgeable about areas such as –

  • Internet Security
  • Network Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cyber Security
  • System Security Software

Come, let us check out the list of courses now. Here they are –

Best Information Security Programs in USA

1 Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Cyber Security
  • Certificate in IT Skills and Security
  • Certificate in Network Security
  • Certificate in IT System Security

2 Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Cyber Security
  • Diploma in IT Skills and Security
  • Diploma in Network Security
  • Diploma in IT System Security
  • Advanced Diploma in IT Security
  • Professional Diploma in Information Security

3 Bachelor of Science Courses

  • BS in IT Security
  • BS in Digital and Cyber Security
  • BS in Information Security and Privacy Engineering
  • BS in Network Security
  • BS in Data Security

4 Bachelor of Engineering Courses

  • B.Eng. IT Security
  • B.Eng. Information Security
  • B.Eng. Privacy & Security Engineering
  • B.Eng. Network Security

5 Master of Science Courses

  • MS in IT Security
  • MS in Digital and Cyber Security
  • MS in Information Security and Privacy Engineering
  • MS in Network Security
  • MS in Data Security

6 Master of Engineering Courses

  • M.Eng. IT Security
  • M.Eng. Information Security
  • M.Eng. Privacy & Security Engineering
  • M.Eng. Network Security

7 PhD Programs

  • PhD in IT Security
  • PhD in Information Security
  • PhD in Cyber Security

You may choose a relevant program based on your academic qualification. Also check – PG Diploma in Information Security. Are you interested in MS program? If yes, check out this post – MS colleges, admission, fees and more.

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