Fire and Safety Courses in India: Eligibility, Details, Admission & Jobs

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In this article, you will be reading about Fire and Safety courses in India. I’ve listed some of the best Diploma, ITI, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate and Certification courses related to fire and safety here.

The courses mentioned in this article can usually be pursued after completing 10th and/or 12th. Eligibility criteria varies from one course to another.   Fire and Safety training is gaining popularity with each passing year. This sector is generating numerous job opportunities.   Fire and Safety courses are also popularly known as Fire and Safety Technology / Fire and Safety Management. Despite their different names, these courses share the same training module and content.   Fire and Safety courses focus on the science of fire and firefighting. The training module covers topics such as fire, fire prevention, hydraulics, first-aid, firefighting equipment, communication systems, fire safety engineering, chemistry and physics.   There’s a misconception that fire and safety professionals are hired only by fire brigades and firefighting departments. Actually, fire and safety professionals are also hired by chemical plants, industries, MNCs, Oil companies, refineries, electricity boards and construction firms.   In India, fire and safety courses are available in the following formats –

Let us check out each course format –

List of Fire and Safety courses in India –

1 Certificate courses

  • Certificate in Safety Management
  • Certificate in Fireman Training
  • Certificate in Industrial Safety Management
  • Certificate in Security and Fire Prevention
  • Certificate in Disaster Management

2 ITI courses

  • ITI Fireman course
  • ITI Fire Technology and Safety Management
  • ITI Safety and Security course

3 Diploma courses

4 Bachelor’s Degree courses

5 PG courses

  • PG Diploma in Safety Management
  • PG Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • PG Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazard Management

Eligibility criteria

  • Certificate courses – 10th pass
  • ITI courses – 10th pass
  • Diploma courses – 10th, ITI or 12th pass
  • Bachelor’s Degree courses – 12th pass or passed relevant Diploma course
  • PG courses – hold a relevant Bachelor’s Degree

Career prospects and job opportunities

Fire and Safety professionals have both government and private job opportunities available in front of them. Some of the major recruiters are –

  • Government Firefighting department
  • Oil companies
  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Industries
  • Electricity boards
  • Fire Safety training institutes
  • Construction firms
  • Armed forces
  • Government departments

In the above mentioned work setups, one may don the following roles –

  • Safety Engineer
  • Safety officer
  • Fireman
  • Instructor
  • Safety consultant
  • Fire Officer
  • Station Master / Supervisor / In-charge
  • Safety supervisor

Fire and Safety professionals also have huge demand abroad. Industries in Gulf countries, Europe and USA are known to recruit fire and safety professionals from India.

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  In short, fire and safety courses are job oriented training programs. There are lots of course formats to choose from. Depending upon the course, you may start training after passing 10th, 12th or Graduation.

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  1. sir i am degree holder.i want to study fire and safety course. i want to become a safety officer/safety supervisor.which course i will appear for this job.certificate course /diploma course

    • Duration depends upon the format of the course – Diploma, Degree, PG Diploma etc. Which course are you planning to pursue?

  2. Hello sir/ mam , I have done MBA from dehradun. I want to start his career in safety officer . Please suggest me.

  3. Sir I want to start fire and safety course at our university. So Please provide me the information about how to start this course and where to apply for it.

  4. I have done my in I.T so tell me purely tht can i able to do safety and fire engineering course because this is my unrelevent stream from my stream ….

  5. I’m 37 years old ex servicemen from Darjeeling (West Bengal). I have served the nation for 17 years in Gorkha Rifle. I have a basic knowledge of fire fighting along with basic certificate of fire fighting course from Dehradun. So I’m looking forward to continue my carrier with fire fighting in abroad…. and I’m searching for the advance course for 6 months in my nearest state. So can you please suggest.


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