Are ethical hacking workshops and courses useful?

Last Updated on August 6, 2023 by Vishnu Nambiar

Recently I got a query from a confused student. He said that his College was all set to host an Ethical hacking related workshop. Students who were interested in attending the workshop were supposed to register for it and pay up certain sum.

I collected further details and came to know that the workshop would last only a few hours. The main queries posed by the student was that whether attending the workshop will be a good investment (of time and money) and whether the course taught at such workshops are useful in the long run.

Ethical hacking

He even provided the name and details of the folks who came up with this workshop. I did some digging around, collected information from students who already had attended workshops organized by the same group.

From the information I collected, I could safely conclude that attending the workshop would simply result in waste of money and time! I at once informed my reader, who posed this query, this fact.

The main problem was that the organizers’ study material lacked stuff and quality. In the name of ‘Ethical hacking’, they were demonstrating simple Windows security features, flaws and procedures, which even small children are aware of!

The time duration of the workshop also makes no sense! It lasted only a few hours. And for these few hours, they were charging a 4 figure sum!

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So, to be honest, the quality of the stuff and the sum they charged for it never really matched! Indeed, such Ethical hacking courses are really awesome. They will prove to of use in the long run. But just make sure that you pursue such courses only at registered institutes. Don’t go for workshops that last few hours. They will never help you in the long run. If you are serious about it, try pursuing a diploma or certificate course in Ethical hacking.

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