M.Arch. Housing

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Hi readers! Have you completed B.Arch. education? Do you want to pursue M.Arch. and specialize in a decent sub-discipline of architecture (domain)? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of M.Arch. Housing course.

M.Arch. Housing

This course is also commonly known as M.Arch. Housing Architecture or M.Arch. (Housing). It is a specialization program. Students who have completed B.Arch. Degree or possess an equivalent qualification are eligible to apply for M.Arch. Housing admission.


In this post, you will find all the important details that you need to know about this academic program. Here, I’ve tried to cover crucial topics such as – course details, duration, eligibility criteria, colleges, fees, admission process, syllabus, career prospects and more.


Here is a quick overview of M.Arch. Housing course –

Name of the course M.Arch. Housing
Type of course M.Arch. (Master of Architecture)
Field Architecture
Duration 2 years
Eligibility Completed B.Arch. or Equivalent qualification


If you are passionate about housing design, housing projects and residential project development, this branch of specialization will be of help to you. It is an ideal PG course for B.Arch. graduates. This Master’s Degree course will help them acquire advanced level knowledge, domain-specific knowledge and skills.


What is M.Arch. Housing program all about? What is it like to pursue this course? Will I get a good job after completing this course? What is the course content like?


You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Let us start –


M.Arch. Housing: Basic Details

M.Arch. stands for Master of Architecture. It is a Master’s Degree course. It is a PG level architecture education program. PG stands for postgraduate level.


Candidates who have completed B.Arch. Degree are eligible to pursue this course. M.Arch. Housing is a specialization program. In other words, this course deals with housing architecture, which forms an important part of architecture.


What is housing architecture all about, some of you may ask. Here is everything you need to know about this branch of architecture –


Housing architecture deals with the design, planning and development of houses, housing projects and housing projects. This branch of architecture caters to the needs of housing market.


Broadly speaking, architecture deals with the design, planning and development of different forms of built environment such as – buildings, outdoor spaces, physical structures etc. Housing architecture, on the other hand, deals with design and construction of houses and regular residential structures (for example – flats).


Food, clothing and shelter – these are basic needs of human beings. Shelter is just another term used to describe housing! Housing forms an essential need of human beings!


With time, the demand for housing projects has just increased in our country. The Government is also trying to provide affordable housing solutions to its citizens through various plans and projects.


M.Arch. Housing program deals with subjects such as – urban and rural housing, housing design, land management, housing economics, real estate planning, project management, infrastructure development, planning, CAD, material management, housing finance, customer service etc.


Housing architecture is not just about designing and constructing a single home! This branch also deals with tasks such as – housing project (medium to large scale) management, urban planning and design, land management etc.


Let us take a closer look at the course details. In the next section, you will find the following details – duration, eligibility criteria, colleges, fees, admission process, syllabus and career prospects.


Course details


Type of course

It is a Master of Architecture program.



The course is two years long.


Eligibility criteria

Minimum educational qualification required to pursue this course is – completed B.Arch. or Equivalent qualification.



Here are some of the core subjects present in M.Arch. Housing curriculum –

  • Urban and rural housing
  • Housing design
  • Land management
  • Housing economics
  • Real estate planning
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure development
  • Planning
  • CAD
  • Material management
  • Housing finance



Here are some of the popular colleges offering M.Arch. Housing course in India –

  • CET, Thiruvananthapuram
  • CEPT
  • HITS


Admission process

Here is everything you need to know about M.Arch. Housing admission process –

Admission Process may vary from one institute to another. Some institutes are known to conduct merit based admission process. Some other institutes are known to conduct direct admission process.



Here is everything you need to know about M.Arch. Housing fees structure –

Tuition fees depends upon the following factors – type of college (Government or self-financing), scholarship status of the student, rating of the college etc. On an average, tuition fees could be anywhere between 90-150K INR per year.


Career prospects

After completing this course, you will be able to find a decent job in places and organizations such as –

  • Relevant Government departments (housing, urban planning, municipal bodies etc)
  • Architecture firms and studios
  • Architecture consultancies
  • Real estate firms
  • Construction firms


One may even choose the path of self-employment. When it comes to being self-employed, one may choose to start his/her own architecture firms or consultancy.

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