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If you are one of those who have graduated as Agricultural Engineering, you are in the right place! We are going to give you as much information as possible about the salary and economic conditions that you usually have in this profession. Today, most professions found in the United States have average salary tables so that both companies and workers know what they can expect to pay and earn respectively.

What is agricultural engineering?

This title actually has several names throughout the United States and the world. A person who gets this title will be known as an Agricultural Engineer, but also as an Agricultural Production Engineer, Agricultural Research Engineer and even Agricultural Equipment Engineer. Being a career with so many aspects, it is common that most of the professionals who practice it or who are in the ability to exercise this title, resort to websites like these, where we will give you information on the salaries of a professional in agricultural engineering and also on the contractual aspirations that they may have.

Why is this career still in such high demand?

If you have decided to study this career and also aspire to earn a good salary as an agronomist, we tell you that the future looks better and better for these professionals in this area. An agricultural engineer is in charge of using his knowledge of hydrological, structural and mechanical engineering to evaluate the needs and quality of water, soil, rivers and any enterprise involving agricultural activity. They also have the opportunity to perform functions within food processing plants, food facilities and animal shelter cargo grain. We can say in a few words, that the objective of an agronomist engineer is to give shape, professionalism and constant revision to projects (or sketches) that are referred to agricultural companies. The career continues to generate job demands and therefore, doubts about the agricultural engineering salary due to the amount of production that exists at least in the United States. We will try to give you an average of this country, and based on that, you will even be able to know the salary gaps that this career or profession presents in this country or another. Just like any other university career or profession today, agronomists, as the years go by, are required to have some masters or doctorate degrees and work experience in order to calculate their agricultural engineering salary. The minimum request from a company that needs an agronomist without much experience to start planning different projects is: a four-year university degree and with a verifiable job that proves that he/she has the knowledge to undertake the projects that are about to be developed.

How much is the Agricultural engineering salary?

Remember that each of these estimates are based on the industries and companies that are legally incorporated and incorporated in the United States. We have come across the news that the Agricultural engineering salary is between $51,160 and $166,620 per year. Of course, the difference between the minimum and maximum is up to $100,000, however, this will depend on the talent, duties, responsibilities and also the experience that the worker being hired has as a minimum. In this way, we can tell you that, if you are a young person or professional with little work experience, you can demand the amount we have referred to above as a small ceiling, this would be equivalent to about $4,263 per month throughout the United States.

Why are there places that pay much more for this type of work?

Most people who make a living as agricultural engineers say that the best chance of making a high salary is in Nebraska. In fact, it is estimated that the economic compensation in this region of the country can reach $105,130 on average. Nebraska is a U.S. State in which people look for jobs and high salaries in the area of Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction, etc., and there the average salary for those jobs is $114,460, which pushes the salaries and wages for those who work as agricultural engineers to the amounts we have already told you.

Agricultural Engineering salary trend

At the time of studying or pursuing a career, it is common for people to have doubts about what a salary ceiling represents or not. In this opportunity, we can tell you that the Agricultural Engineering career has been revalued in a good way since 2004. Of course, the issue of inflation and median pay has also increased significantly for all professions in the United States, but the pay is still quite good. To give you an idea, since 2004 salaries in the country have increased by at least 54.01%. However, the numbers for careers in the agricultural engineering sector are even better. It is estimated that, at that time, an average agricultural engineer earned a salary of only about $20,000 per year, however, now that number has multiplied to over $50,000 as we have already mentioned. Of course, the cost of living in the United States is also much higher compared to previous years, but still; it is not a bad salary for a person who does not have much experience. The agronomist engineer can have a wide salary expectation with respect to the future. Since the knowledge about soils, the geographical situation and also how to take advantage of sectors increasingly affected by pollution, can be essential for the development of an industry, region or country.

Sectors where the agricultural engineering salary is highest

If you are currently looking for reasons to continue studying or looking for a job, you are in the right place! Of course, knowledge and feeling good about yourself is fundamental to aspire to any career, however, the economic amounts are also important when it comes to continue looking for a performance as a professional. In this opportunity, we will mention the industrial sectors where it is most common to earn the most money:

  • Those working in mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction can earn up to $114,460.
  • If you get this position within the Civil Service, you can qualify for a salary of up to $86,410.
  • Those who offer their services in a professional, scientific and technical manner can charge up to $85,130.
  • Holding this position in the industry makes you eligible for $84,970.
  • They are also eligible for a high salary in the area of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting. This job position usually pays about $64,320.

Remember that each of the amounts we have mentioned at this time are all annual. In the United States the calculation of these salaries is on an annual basis. In addition, although there are salaries that have more or less the same salary expectation, these amounts could also change depending on the bonuses that are made.

Jobs where the agricultural engineering salary is lower

Of course, it is a salary well above the average in the United States, at least as far as professionals are concerned. However, there are institutions that are not willing to pay large amounts of money to their professionals due to budget constraints and the number of functions they must perform. The following is a list of possible low salaries in the Agricultural engineering salary market:

  • Educational services. Refers to people who have jobs where they teach or impart education to future engineers or even give classes in high school institutions. Here the salary is $63,920.
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting. Those working in this occupational sector in the United States typically have an annual salary of about $64,320.

All of them are high and attractive salaries, however; it is important to study very well where to apply for a job and take into account your own salary expectations and those that the company can meet, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Functions usually requested from Agricultural engineering

We gave you a sample of the functions or activities that this type of professional usually performs throughout the United States; however, we have come across some companies that require this position to perform different activities, here is an example: Agricultural Engineer in Ephrata, WA.  Do design, data collection and analysis. Knowledgeable about environmental regulations, in addition to doing Construction supervision and Identification of potential problems within an agricultural process. Identification of short and long term goals. Ability to be open to interpersonal relationships with subordinates. As you can see, agricultural engineering salary is something that will continue to generate economic expectations in the coming years. Something that, in one way or another, is positive for those who are studying or practicing this profession.

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