Diploma in Nursing Administration

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In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of Diploma in Nursing Administration course. Technically, it is an advanced Nursing course meant for Registered Nurses. This article covers details such as course details, duration, eligibility criteria and career prospects.

Diploma in Nursing Administration course is an advanced nursing training program. The main aim of this program is to inculcate and develop administrative skills in registered nurses. The program is designed to hone and enhance administrative competence and skills of RNs.   Candidates who have undergone this program will be able to handle and manage nursing staff at healthcare setups. In short, they will become adept at performing clinical as well as administrative tasks.   If you possess a valid Nursing Degree (B.Sc. Nursing or Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing) or Diploma certificate (GNM course) and are Registered as an RNRM with 2 years of work experience, you may apply for this course! Diploma in Nursing Administration will be a nice addition to your CV. It will help you stand a decent chance to earn the promotion that you’ve always wanted!

Diploma in Nursing Administration: Course Details

Let us move to the meat of the matter. It is time to check out the course details. The table provided below will give you the basic details –

Basic Details
Course Name: Diploma in Nursing Administration
Duration: 1 year (maximum duration is 3 years)
Eligibility Criteria: Passed B.Sc. Nursing or Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing or Diploma GNM course. Candidate must be registered RNRM with at least 2 years work experience

Let us take a closer look at the details now –

Type of course

Technically speaking, Diploma in Nursing Administration is an advanced nursing training course. It is more like a PG program!


The academic program is 1 year long.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate must hold a valid nursing Degree (B.Sc. in Nursing or Post Basic B.Sc. in Nursing) or Diploma (GNM course). Candidate must also be registered as RNRM and must have work experience of at least 2 years.   If you satisfy all of the requirements mentioned above, you are eligible to apply for admission!

Important Subjects

As I mentioned before, Diploma in Nursing Administration course’s main aim is to improve candidates’ administrative skills. Important subjects present in the academic program are related to administrative and management skills. Some such subjects are- Basics of Nursing Administration, Resource management and Interdepartmental coordination.

Career prospects

Pursuing Diploma in Nursing Administration training will definitely add to the value of candidates’ CVs! The course will help one get promotion. After completing the course, one may rise through the rank and land nursing administrative role. Some such advanced/administrative job posts are –

  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Nurse Manager

I must also add that a promotion is not guaranteed though! Still, Diploma in Nursing Administration is a good program to pursue! For more details about nursing courses, check out this article- Nursing courses in India.

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